SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwire - April 22, 2008) - Digital Map Products (DMP) ( today announced the popular online real estate website® has added DMP's enhanced parcel boundary data to help its users make more informed real estate decisions. This enhanced data will allow buyers, sellers and homeowners to get more precise information about homes on said it turned to Digital Map Products for the company's expertise in aggregating a wide range of spatial-based data, including parcel boundaries and delivering it in an affordable and convenient format.

"Consumers understand that parcel boundary data is a critical piece of information for any property, and is a must-have for researching real estate," said Jorrit Van der Meulen, Vice President of Partner Relations at "Digital Map Products makes it easy for us to enhance and update the parcel boundary data on our site. By using DMP's data, Zillow can display the most accurate parcel boundaries without having to dedicate valuable in-house technical resources."

Consumers Discovering Value of Parcel Data in Online Real Estate

James Skurzynski, President of Digital Map Products, said online real estate websites now consider parcel data an essential tool for buyers and sellers and that since 2006, DMP's ParcelStream™ data has helped numerous online real estate sites incorporate parcel boundary data using the company's unique web services approach to maximize efficient integration.

"In the early days of online real estate, it was enough to have a satellite photo that showed the general location of the property," Skurzynski said. "But consumers have become more sophisticated and they now demand to see the exact boundaries of the lot and its features."

"Our customers, who include many of the major real estate sites, need to have current, easy-to-display parcel boundaries to remain competitive. Our web-based application lets them add parcel boundaries almost immediately as DMP takes care of the difficult task of collecting, storing, displaying and updating the parcel data," Skurzynski said.

Parcel boundary data, which is recorded by county governments, is often overlaid on an aerial image of the property. Parcel data can help consumers identify trends, development patterns and other opportunities. It also lets them virtually "fly over" properties to search for lots by size and shape, see amenities like ponds and streams, and gauge a property's proximity to neighbors.

Digital Map Products has been aggregating parcel boundary and other parcel data for more than a decade. DMP created the first public-private partnership for parcel data sharing and is now the largest source of parcel boundary data in the United States. Its ParcelStream™ application was developed to provide a fast, easy and economical way to parcel-enable real estate applications.

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About Digital Map Products

Digital Map Products, Inc. was the first provider of subscription web applications that embed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to enhance workflow productivity. Based in Santa Ana, California, the company's SaaS products serve approximately 500 customers, representing about 250,000 registered users. Its ParcelStream™ web application is powering national real estate websites with millions of hits per day. Products include online applications such as LandVision™ for the research, acquisition and management of land assets, CityGIS™ and CommunityView™ for government and ParcelStream™ for web developers. To learn more, visit

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