Source: ACH Foam Technologies

ACH Foam Technologies Unveils SecureTherm(TM)

New Roofing Insulation Product Reduces Material and Labor Costs

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - April 23, 2008) - ACH Foam Technologies announced SecureTherm™, a new development in the EPS and roof insulation market. SecureTherm™ is EPS roof insulation laminated with a fiberglass facer. The fiberglass facer eliminates the need for a cover board, which saves material costs and eliminates a step in the installation process.

According to Harry Treder of Harry Treder & Sons Roofing, SecureTherm is much easier to work with than other insulation products. "We've had a great experience with SecureTherm. We used to have to put a slip sheet or cover board over EPS insulation. SecureTherm's rigid top is just what we need. It's more stable, has a good R-value and it saves us installation time."

SecureTherm is approved for UL Class A Assemblies and is used in low-sloped applications employing all mechanically fastened or ballasted single ply, modified bitumen and built-up roof systems. EPS Roof Insulation has no thermal drift and offers high performance and compatibility with major roofing materials and systems. SecureTherm will be presented with other ACH roofing products at the Western Roofing Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center from June 8 to 11; booth number 127.

"ACH is continually evaluating its products to ensure we are offering our customers the highest quality and the most innovative, cost-saving solutions," said Frank Kiesecker, VP Sales. "Last summer with the release of ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-2043, ACH developed Direct-to-Deck roofing insulation, which can be applied directly over steel roofs, eliminating the need for a thermal barrier. Just as Direct-to-Deck eliminates an entire step in the installation process as well as reduces roof system material costs, SecureTherm eliminates the need for a cover board for mechanically attached single ply systems." Customers should consult membrane manufacturers for system requirements.

ACH also manufactures these roofing insulation products:

--  Flat Roof Insulation
--  Tapered Roof Insulation
--  Nailbase Roof Insulation
--  SIPs for Roof Applications

ACH EPS roof insulation is recyclable. Any post-industrial scrap or recovered product can be ground and turned into new EPS products or thermally processed into a resin to make other products such as garden furniture, coat hangers and disposable cameras. EPS contains no CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs or formaldehyde. Unlike polyisocyanurate (ISO) and extruded polystyrene (XPS), EPS has no thermal drift and is less costly, making it more affordable to the roofing market.

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