TUCSON, AZ--(Marketwire - April 29, 2008) - JulySoft today announced the general availability of its new ReminderPro 2008 automated messaging system. The ReminderPro software solution is designed to deliver appointment reminder messages via telephone and email to patients of small, medium, and large medical and dental practices. ReminderPro helps improve office staff productivity, raise kept appointment rates, and maintain friendly provider/patient relations. With over 18 years of product maturity and seamless integration to over 400 scheduling and practice management software systems, ReminderPro is the solution of choice to over one thousand healthcare organizations, businesses, educational institutions and government agencies.

"We've relied on ReminderPro since 2006 to help us communicate reminders about upcoming scheduled appointments more proactively with our patients, which has resulted in fewer no show appointments," said Michele Zeigler, Vice President, Information Services/CIO for Summit Health. "ReminderPro's integration with our medical practice management and community wide scheduling software improves our workflow and staff's productivity by eliminating unnecessary steps and processes. ReminderPro was easy to set up, integrate and customize for our individual physician practice and outpatient clinic needs. Summit Health currently averages 1000+ calls a day using the ReminderPro tools and capabilities."

"Our new ReminderPro 2008 includes numerous features that allow greater customization of messages as well as additional automation functions to improve office productivity and workflow," said Michael Harris, president of JulySoft. "It is important for healthcare providers to be able to deliver timely and personalized messages to their patients as part of their standard process of providing high levels of service and satisfaction."

ReminderPro Automated Phone Messaging System -- Overview & Features

ReminderPro automated messaging system is available as a single-line, dual-line, or multi-line system capable of handling multiple and simultaneous outgoing messages. The system supports automated reminder phone calls and emails, and allows the recipient to confirm calls, replay messages, leave messages, or transfer to a live person during office hours.

Powerful Message Maker: Allows customized data-driven messages that can include additional information such as directions to your office, new products or services offered, special instructions, or any important information you wish to include.

Compatibility & Seamless Integration: Compatible with virtually all practice management, scheduling, database, and electronic medical records (EMR) software.

Data Import: Safely transfers data into ReminderPro from scheduling or management software.

Advanced System Security: Ability to restrict or limit access to ReminderPro helps prevent unauthorized setup changes and assists with maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Call Results Reports: Can be directed to printer, fax, file or email automatically following a call session and are archived and retrievable by date range, for later analysis and reporting.

Customizable Touch Tone Response Options: Enable detailed reporting and telephone survey capability.

Enhanced Name Pronunciation Options: Able to record names in personalized voice or access a pre-recorded library of over 20,000 names.

10 Assignable Touch Tone Options: Allows users and administrators to assign different touch-tone response options for each message, create message trees, and conduct telephone surveys automatically.

About JulySoft

Founded in 1990, JulySoft develops and markets professional, automated phone messaging systems and interactive computer telephony products that improve the profitability and productivity of a wide range of organizations. JulySoft is owned by Inphonite, LLC (formerly Tosi Ventures, LLC). With nearly twenty years experience in PC-based telephone communication solutions, and seamless integration to more than 400 software systems, JulySoft is the solution provider of choice for over one thousand healthcare organizations, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies. For more information on JulySoft and its products, visit the company Web site: www.julysoft.com or call: (800) 350-7693 (U.S. & Canada) and (520) 797-1844 outside of the U.S., or email to: info@julysoft.com.

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