COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwire - April 30, 2008) - STABLCOR Incorporated, a provider of laminate-based thermal management technology for printed circuit boards and substrates, announced the launch of their ST10 Polyimide product family.

According to STABLCOR Chief Technology Officer Kris Vasoya, the new ST10-LC909 (Polyimide) is a more reliable, price competitive replacement product for use in controlling the thermal expansion of printed circuit boards and matches closer with the Ceramic and flip-chip type low CTE components. ST10-LC909 is the industry alternative product for Thermount® and Copper Invar Copper.

"The ability to control CTE, until now, was limited to Epoxy-based applications only," said Vasoya. "With our competitive pricing, ST10-LC909 can cost effectively be used in polyimide-based, low CTE applications and presents a significant advantage to Thermount® users. We worked closely in the development of this product with two of our major fabricators, Eltek Ltd. (NASDAQ: ELTK) and CIREP, a subsidiary of France-based CIRE Group. ST10-LC909 has been extensively tested by an independent laboratory," added Vasoya.

A multi-layer board manufactured with polyimide and Copper Invar Copper, or Thermount materials can be duplicated using multiple layers of standard polyimide and two to three layers of ST10-LC909 embedded into the PCB to achieve the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) replicating an existing design. An additional benefit of using STABLCOR is the ability to tailor the CTE in a range from 9ppm/°C to 12ppm/°C. Achieving this significant advantage is dependent on the placement and amount of material used in the PCB stack-up. To view CTE comparison test results with boards using Thermount and those manufactured with STABLCOR, visit the company's website at

"The launch of our ST10-LC909 family will provide a product that fills a significant unmet need within the PCB industry," commented Stablcor President Douglas J. Tullio. "While we currently have an extensive intellectual portfolio of five issued and 20 domestic and international patents pending, I strongly believe that with the inherent heat control benefits and competitive pricing, ST10-LC909 will quickly become our flagship product."

In addition to the improved CTE achievable through the use of STABLCOR technology, the PCB manufacturer and fabricator will experience the following benefits: Easy to drill through small (8mil) holes, not abrasive to the drill bit (carbon is lubricant to the drilling); low Z-axis expansion, when compared to boards using Thermount materials; no moisture absorption issues; the PCB will act as a heat spreader, which substantially reduces hot spot; increased rigidity without increasing the weight of the board; decreased temperatures in lead-free assembly.

About Stablcor Inc.

STABLCOR® is the only provider of a thermally and electrically conductive carbon composite material which, when incorporated in printed circuit boards and substrates, controls heat, thermal expansion and increases the rigidity and strength of circuit boards without increasing the weight. The patented laminate and the processes to incorporated STABLCOR into circuit boards and substrates provide the electronics industry a cost efficient technology to produce smaller electronic products while eliminating the thermal, mechanical and reliability concerns that currently challenge the semiconductor industry. For more information about STABLCOR visit the company's website at

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