SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - April 30, 2008) - MEMS oscillators from ABRACON featuring Discera, Inc.'s award-winning Pure Silicon MEMS resonators are in stock and ready for shipment to electronics manufacturers in more than 140 countries through leading electronics distributor, Digi-Key Corporation. The wide availability of the award-winning products, which replace traditional quartz crystal devices, is a major milestone in a disruptive market anticipated to grow by 120 percent over the next four years.

"Digi-Key makes it easy and convenient for engineers to access the products they want when they need them," said Mark Larson, president, Digi-Key. "Our collaboration with Discera and ABRACON provides our customers with access to a highly sought after and much anticipated solution -- a proven and scalable silicon alternative to quartz -- that will give them a competitive edge."

The electronics industry has been waiting for an alternative to quartz oscillators which can no longer scale in price and size. Discera's technology offers excellent temperature stability and very low power consumption and is packaged in a tiny industry standard IC package, providing a significant cost advantage over hermetically sealed packages used by quartz-based oscillators. Discera's MEMS oscillators have passed industry standard qualification tests, as well as extreme reliability tests, and demonstrated superior mechanical reliability compared to standard Bulk Acoustic Wave quartz solutions.

"We are excited that Digi-Key has added our MEMS oscillators to its portfolio of offerings," said Venkat Bahl, vice president of marketing, Discera, Inc. "This is a key milestone for Discera indicating the maturity of our products and the market as we continue to strengthen our channel strategy. Digi-Key is the go-to vendor for engineers in the early stages of the design cycle enabling MEMS to build strong momentum. We look forward to the continued relationship with ABRACON to make CMOS MEMS the choice material for electronics designers worldwide."

"Electronics manufacturers now have immediate access to Discera's breakthrough technology through Digi-Key," said Christopher Polley, president, ABRACON. "ABRACON's valued channel partners will benefit from having a reliable, proven alternative to quartz for timing applications. We look forward to working closely with Discera to help build a new world of electronics that use MEMS-based products for timing components."

The first product in the ABRACON MEMS oscillator series, ASFML1, offers a standard 0-70C temperature range option across the entire 1MHz to 125MHz frequency range. Additional features include:

--  Ultra Miniature Pure Silicon™ Clock Oscillator
--  MEMS Technology by Discera
--  Low Power Consumption < 10mA
--  Available in 30kG Shock Resistance Configuration
--  Low Cost-Compact QFN Plastic Packaging
--  Compact Package Design

The ASFML1 is available now in a 5.0 x 3.2 package through the Digi-Key print and online catalogs. The product training manual is also available by visiting:


ABRACON Corporation, founded in 1992, is a privately held California Corporation and is a worldwide leading supplier of electronic components. ABRACON offers a wide selection of oscillators, quartz crystals, ceramic resonators, filters, SAW devices, inductors, and transformers. The company is ISO9001:2000 certified with design engineering and sales offices in California, China, Taiwan, India, Singapore, and Germany. ABRACON products are marketed worldwide through independent manufacturer's sales representatives and authorized distributors. More information about ABRACON is available on the web at

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Discera is a fabless analog semiconductor company that offers tiny, high performance silicon resonators for the frequency and timing control markets. These resonators act as the heartbeat or pulse for a variety of devices from consumer products such as cameras and MP3 players to specialized equipment for the military. The company's PureSilicon™ resonator technology is a fundamental building block that offers, according to Semico Research, "a better mousetrap" for creating fully integrated, low cost, small form factor wireline and wireless products, such as oscillators, filters, and RF components. Unlike crystal based oscillators, Discera's PureSilicon™ based CMOS oscillators can be integrated into other CMOS based circuits. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Discera is a privately held company with investments from Ardesta, Partech, 3i and Qualcomm Ventures. More information is available at

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