ARLINGTON, VA--(Marketwire - April 30, 2008) - MyPublicInfo, Inc. (, a leading provider of identity theft scoring and monitoring solutions, today announced the 250,000 user mark for its signature identity theft prevention service IdentitySweep, reaching an industry benchmark. IdentitySweep utilizes an innovative method of identity scoring by searching databases and chat rooms for Social Security numbers, credit and debit card numbers, as well as other consumer information that has been hacked, stolen or breached.

"Thanks to IdentitySweep, I feel in full-control and in the know. It is a great service to use," said Christine Mueller of Northern California, a victim of identity theft and user of IdentitySweep. "When IdentitySweep sent me a red flag indicating there was potentially someone trying to use or already had used my SSN, I understood that all further preventive actions such as fraud alerts and changing pin numbers are a race against time. Thanks to IdentitySweep, I stay in control."

"IdentitySweep is the first real-time identity management service for consumers, empowering users to proactively protect their personal information and avert identity crimes through innovative software tools that "sweep" the Internet for their personal information," explained Pat Dane, CRO of MyPublicInfo. 11% of our clients are shocked to find their Social Security number floating through the internet."

IdentitySweep protects consumers' identities in five innovative ways:

1. IdentitySweep includes a leading-edge identity fraud detection technology that scans billions of public records for suspicious activity associated with identity fraud, including attempts to create a synthetic identity, such as combining one person's name with another person's Social Security number. The service analyzes the suspicious activity to provide an identity score, similar to a "risk score," that indicates how much and for how long a consumer's identity has been compromised.

2. IdentitySweep searches Internet newsgroups, search engines, blogs and hundreds and thousands of chat rooms and Web sites looking for personal and financial information. It instantly notifies consumers by e-mail of any suspicious activity related to their personal information before the consumer is victimized. This technology works much faster than typical credit fraud and credit report monitoring services, which can only alert a consumer after they have already become a victim.

3. IdentitySweep scans for online directories that list a consumer's information and immediately requests removal of that information to prevent abuse by telemarketers and identity thieves.

4. IdentitySweep comes with a zero deductible $25,000 ID Theft Insurance policy that reimburses the consumer for most out-of-pocket expenses from an identity breach, including lost wages.

5. IdentitySweep's "Recovery Butler" offers the industry's most comprehensive Recovery services. This includes filling out all forms and documents, notifying all 3 credit bureaus, placing fraud alerts, and ordering hard copy credit reports for Identity Theft victims along with assisting the victim in reviewing their credit files for accuracy.

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