WESTBURY, NY--(Marketwire - April 30, 2008) - Progressive online ad network CPX Interactive (www.cpxinteractive.com) announced today that it beat its own 2007 expectations for number of global impressions served across its network. Having served 202 billion impressions for the entire year, CPX Interactive was already serving more than 24 billion impressions per month by December, positioning the company for another twelve month period of exponential year-over-year growth.

CPX COO, Rob Rasko, explains, "Two of the largest factors pointing toward our continued growth, both in terms of impressions and revenue, are our early engagement in the booming international online markets and our positioning to leverage the maturation of the open exchange model."

The CPX network already serves impressions to users in more than 65 countries every month and works with clients and agencies across the globe. In fact, to meet the growing demands of its stable of International advertisers, CPX growth plans for 2008-09 include corporate offices opened in Italy, Spain, Tukey and Brazil.

"As we travel abroad to meet with International partners and support our International business, we continue to learn the importance of a company like CPX Interactive to these online markets," says CPX CEO, Mike Seiman. "Rather than having to work through a US office, or even with a newly transplanted US office staffer, we find that International clients and agencies would rather work with a more progressive company that brings real local people and faces to its expansion plans. We really believe that a quality global footprint will be a key differentiator for CPX Interactive over the next few years."

With regard to CPX's roll in the open exchange space as another venue for continued growth, Seiman explains, "We've been the largest player in the exchange model since its inception. And, while 85% of our traffic is thru direct relationships, we do see a potential future in which a growing field of exchanges creates a path to universal liquidity... if the exchanges can deliver on their promise. We have positioned ourselves to help clients and agencies to maximize the exchange potential as this develops."

About CPX Interactive:

A progressive online ad network and global marketing company, CPX Interactive is redefining the online advertising landscape. By layering ROI-driven strategies on top of its own global distribution model, the company offers clients more than just the promise of a successful campaign -- it actually possesses the means to deliver successful campaigns.

For more information, visit www.cpxinteractive.com.

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