OTTAWA, ON--(Marketwire - April 30, 2008) - Veteran Business Intelligence (BI) entrepreneur Ward Yaternick has released his latest business analytics product, nextanalytics 3.0, with industry-disruptive pricing, top-tier product functionality, and easy online distribution.

nextanalytics 3.0 emulates MySQL's strategy, offering powerful business analytics capabilities at an industry-disruptive low price. nextanalytics costs only $595 per server per year when used with production data, otherwise it's free.

Yaternick has spent nearly 20 years in the BI industry, including key development roles at Cognos Inc., OLAP@Work Inc., and Business Objects Inc. In 2003, Yaternick founded Ottawa-based nextanalytics with the mandate to deliver innovations in business analytics.

nextanalytics is a multi-platform open source product that can easily be integrated into existing and new BI solutions, offering easy access to best in class business analytics that would otherwise require custom programming or complex spreadsheets. As an open source product, key portions of nextanalytics source code are freely and easily customizable by developers to integrate in-expensively with low risk.

Industry-disruptive pricing, with an open source model, makes nextanalytics a very attractive part of a BI solution. Using nextanalytics saves time and money as compared to the work involved in custom programming, adhoc spreadsheets, and distribution of BI results.

David Sigler, CEO of Direct Loyalty Corp. of Perth, Ontario, is a good example. He's using nextanalytics to power, a hosted service priced at $49.95 a month that helps restaurants measure and increase customer loyalty.

"I've got a 15-year background as a CTO and EIS manager building reporting and analytics systems with both large and small budgets," says Sigler, "and nextanalytics takes the prize for price-performance value. I considered traditional business intelligence software packages priced at $25,000 to $200,000, but as a start-up didn't want to spend the money or development time to use them. In a weekend we built automated customer segmentation analytics into that would have taken weeks or even months to create with a BI product. Spreadsheet technology wasn't even an option for what we wanted to do."

Sigler's experience fits perfectly with the distribution strategy of nextanalytics which is intended to appeal to ISVs and sole proprietors who need not only the capabilities of BI, but need to demonstrate innovative distinct competitive advantage which is only possible by using nextanalytics.

"We're actively soliciting a community of third-party consultants, ISVs, and sole proprietor developers to offer services and products that employ nextanalytics to do their data integration and processing," says Yaternick. "We have great technology and now, with our new open-source inspired, community-driven Web site, we have made it easy to work with nextanalytics. Now, any dev shop can distinguish themselves with our software as their analytics engine. Through this strategy, we hope to be the next MySQL, but with a focus on business analytics."

nextanalytics is available now as a free download at with products available for both the windows and UNIX platforms as well as all popular BI stacks.

About nextanalytics Corp.

Often it takes somebody from inside the industry to shake it up. That somebody is Ward Yaternick, the CTO and Founder of nextanalytics Corp. Ward managed development teams at both Cognos (Director of PowerPlay Client Development) and Business Objects (VP of Analytical Reporting). Business Objects acquired Ward's company, OLAP@Work, in 2000.

Throughout his career, Ward watched the gap grow between what BI tools can do and what people need. nextanalytics closes that gap by giving a powerful open source engine purpose-built for the rigors of business analytics at a reasonable price.

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