MANCHESTER, NH and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 1, 2008) - Newforma, a software company addressing the project information management (PIM) needs of the design and building industry, and Sepialine, a cost recovery software provider, today announced a partnership that stems from customer requests for the integration of both companies' software products. Newforma Project Center is used by design professionals to streamline project delivery. Sepialine's Argos Cost Recovery System helps companies capture and get reimbursed for project expenses. Through several key product integration initiatives, Newforma and Sepialine are improving project-driven communication and accounting. Both companies will demonstrate their integration May 19-22 at Deltek Insight '08, the annual Deltek user conference to be held this year in Nashville, Tenn.

"Our project teams greatly benefit when they can access project expense and activity information in one place," said Jackson Ng, director of technology at San Francisco-based BAR Architects. "Once we saw how integration between Sepialine and Newforma works, it was a must-have. These are two companies that understand the inherent complexity of project execution and share a mutual goal of seamless workflow. Integration between their products is making life easier for BAR project staff."

The integration between Newforma Project Center and Sepialine Argos is available immediately. As part of the Newforma workflow, users establish a project context by selecting the project they want to work on. This project context allows the Argos Desktop Client to be aware of the active project for each user in Newforma Project Center. When the Argos Desktop Client user wishes to allocate expenses -- such as printing, copying, scanning or telephone calls -- the current active project is provided automatically as the Argos default. The result is a more natural, logical workflow for customers who use both products in their firms.

"Taking advantage of information in Newforma Project Center makes good sense," said Sepialine Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Evans. "The notion of a project context is missing from most technologies, and yet it's the world our customers live in everyday. By partnering with Newforma we are building momentum around a project ecosystem that spans the planning, design and delivery phases of the building process. We're pleased to count Newforma among our partners."

The two companies have identified two additional integration initiatives, to be developed over the coming months:

--  A Newforma Project Center custom activity center will display Argos
    reports for each specific project, making expense information more
    immediately accessible alongside other project-specific activities.
--  The Project Timeline -- a new project monitoring capability in
    Newforma Project Center Fifth Edition -- will include Argos expense
    tracking information as Events. Event-based cost recovery information is
    particularly useful for telephone calls, progress print sets and similar
    project milestones.

"Accurately capturing and tracking project expenses in the immediate context of the active project helps to ensure that all the reimbursable and non-reimbursable costs are accurately allocated, an outcome which is more efficient for the project team and good for the client," said Newforma Chief Executive Officer Ian Howell. "Integration with Sepialine's Argos will help Newforma Project Center continue to excel at streamlining project work process to improve project performance. We look forward to developing additional points of integration with Sepialine to further benefit our many joint customers."

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Newforma is a software company serving architecture, engineering, construction and owner/operator (AECO) organizations worldwide. Its mission is to develop and market software solutions which significantly improve the productivity of the building project team by streamlining work processes, reducing exposure from errors and omissions, improving coordination and communication, and enabling greater repeatability of project success. Newforma® Project Center, Newforma's flagship product, creates a more productive environment for project managers and the project team by organizing project information, facilitating information sharing, and enabling more effective project process. Newforma Project Center is currently implemented on over 30,000 projects in industry-leading AECO firms. For more information about Newforma, visit or phone +1 (603) 625-6212.

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Sepialine, Inc. delivers products and services to capture, analyze and report business expenses -- print, copy, scan, fax and more -- across multiple platforms, devices and sources. By capturing and analyzing expenses, companies are able to gain business insight, charge back clients for reimbursable expenses and ultimately increase profit. Sepialine's award-winning Cost Recovery Suite is used by leading corporate and service professionals, including graphics, advertising, legal, architecture, engineering and reprographic companies, around the world.

Founded in 1998, Sepialine is based in San Francisco, Calif. For more information, visit

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