WARWICK, NY--(Marketwire - May 1, 2008) - Warwick Valley Telephone Company (NASDAQ: WWVY) (the "Company") announced today the final certified results of the votes at its 2008 Annual Meeting of shareholders, held Friday, April 25, 2008. The following directors were elected for one year terms: Jeffrey D. Alario, Douglas B. Benedict, Kelly C. Bloss, Wisner H. Buckbee, Robert J. DeValentino, Herbert Gareiss, Jr., Thomas H. Gray, and Douglas J. Mello. The shareholders approved the selection of WithumSmith+Brown, P.C. as the Company's independent accountants for the year ending December 31, 2008.

Matters voted on at the meeting and the results of each vote are as follows:

                                                   Votes           Broker
                                       Votes For  Against Abstain Non-Votes

Proposal I   To approve an amendment   4,382,421  120,317  38,157   3,001
             to the Company's
             bylaws to eliminate the
             classified structure of
             the Board of Directors and
             allow for the annual
             election of all directors.

Proposal II  To fix the number of      4,335,853  188,630  16,412   3,002
             directors at eight until
             the next annual meeting of

Proposal III Election of directors     Votes for  Withheld

             Jeffrey D. Alario         4,271,201  272,694
             Douglas B. Benedict       4,305,137  230,758
             Kelly C. Bloss            4,262,625  281,270
             Wisner H. Buckbee         4,267,116  276,779
             Robert J. DeValentino     4,280,476  263,419
             Herbert Gareiss, Jr.      4,292,850  251,045
             Thomas H. Gray            4,303,436  240,459
             Douglas J. Mello          4,303,725  240,170

                                                   Votes           Broker
                                       Votes For  Against Abstain Non-Votes

Proposal IV  To approve the Warwick    2,984,192  392,394  42,541 1,124,769
             Valley Telephone Company
             2008 Long-Term Incentive

Proposal V   To ratify the selection   4,383,185  144,844  12,865   3,002
             of WithumSmith+Brown,
             P.C. as the Company's
             independent registered
             public accounting firm
             for the year ending
             December 31, 2008.

At the Company's Annual Organizational Meeting, held on the day of the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors elected the following persons to the positions set forth opposite their names:

      Wisner H. Buckbee            Chairman of the Board
      Robert J. DeValentino        Vice Chairman of the Board
      Duane W. Albro               President & Chief Executive Officer
      Kenneth H. Volz              Vice President, Chief Financial Officer,
      Joyce A. Stoeberl            Corporate Secretary
      Dorinda M. Masker            Assistant Corporate Secretary

Also, at the Company's Annual Organizational Meeting, the following committee assignments were approved:

      Governance & Nominating Committee     Kelly C. Bloss - Chair
                                            Wisner H. Buckbee
                                            Robert J. DeValentino
                                            Douglas J. Mello

      Audit Committee                       Jeffrey D. Alario - Chair
                                            Douglas B. Benedict
                                            Kelly C. Bloss
                                            Wisner H. Buckbee

      Compensation Committee                Robert J. DeValentino - Chair
                                            Douglas B. Benedict
                                            Douglas J. Mello

Contact Information: Contact: Warwick Valley Telephone Company Duane W. Albro President & CEO (845) 986-2100