BERLIN--(Marketwire - April 30, 2008) - TeraRecon, GmbH (, a leader in advanced image-processing technology and 3D visualization solutions, today announced the successful launch of the new Aquarius iNtuition release of the company's advanced visualization platform, after completion of a successful beta program including the participation of the Klinikum der Johannes Gutenberg - University, Department of Radiology, Mainz. Aquarius iNtuition will also be showcased at the 89th Deutscher Roentgenkongress (DRK 2008) in Berlin, April 30th - May 3rd 2008.

At DRK 2008, leading experts, primarily from the DACH community consisting of Germany, Austria and the German-speaking parts of Switzerland (a region with a combined population of around 100 million), will meet to present new innovations and research in the field of diagnostic radiology. Central to this are innovations in advanced multi-detector row CT, MR and PET. Such technology has made possible a wide range of new imaging procedures that offer a less-invasive and richer alternative to conventional techniques such as catheter angiography, but in the process, these procedures generate huge volumes of images which have to be managed and manipulated as a part of the diagnostic interpretation process. TeraRecon solutions provide the means to support such interpretation and the subsequent communication with referring physicians and patients, with fast and efficient tools for 3D visualization and measurement.

"TeraRecon systems have been in use in Germany for over 7 years now, and the company has been working during this time to understand and participate in the German radiology community as well as that of the broader DACH region," said Robert Taylor, Ph.D., TeraRecon, Inc. president and COO. "The Deutscher Roentgenkongress has always been a pivotal meeting for the region and in recent years, an increasingly important meeting for TeraRecon. With the recent founding of TeraRecon GmbH in Frankfurt, TeraRecon is now able to offer an enhanced support infrastructure for our customers and business partners in Germany in particular, but also in the broader European market. We are greatly looking forward to continuing growth in the region in partnership with our customers and advisors in the radiology community in this region of global importance."

Aquarius iNtuition provides a comprehensive suite of decision support tools for volumetric modalities such as MDCT, MR, and PET, integrated into the imaging workflow to speed diagnostic interpretation and enrich the imaging experience with additional information that would not otherwise be available. Automated and intelligent pre-processing engines automatically identify and label scans and perform "zero-click" procedures in advance of human interaction with the data. Streamlined and tailored Workflow Templates, specifying a sequent of interpretation steps, are provided to speed the process of navigation through the dataset so that the physician may focus their time and concentration on the interpretation process itself.

Aquarius iNtution includes the enterprise-friendly, browser-based AquariusWEB viewer which uses only JavaScript technology to deliver results in a rich, interactive but optimized package of results to referring physicians via a URL link that can be delivered by e-mail or embedded in an electronic medical record or report.

Aquarius iNtuition has recently been successfully released to tens of sites after a beta program which included participation by the University Hospital in Mainz where Aquarius is used with multiple modalities, department-wide. Professor Peter Mildenberger of the University Hospital Mainz said, "We have very much enjoyed the flexibility and power of the AquariusNET Thin Client already deployed at our center, and so it was with great interest we agreed to participate in the beta phase of Aquarius iNtuition development. The Aquarius iNtuition client clearly represents a step forward in terms of streamlining workflow and defining standardized protocols for advanced visualization, while brining a richer range of clinical applications to the enterprise via TeraRecon's client-server architecture."

Aquarius iNtuition is also compatible with the TCE Selector module developed at the University of Mainz to implement the TCE profile from the "Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise" initiative, to create custom Teaching Files or Case Collections with, for example, MIRC. This module is available from the MIRC website directly or can be requested through TeraRecon.

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