BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - May 2, 2008) - World Trade Center - CHI's Bio-IT World magazine today announced that products from four biotech companies were named Best of Show Awards winners at a ceremony held Tuesday, April 29th at the World Trade Center Boston during the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo: The winning products include Isilon's X-Series clustered storage systems, Medidata Solution's Medidata Designer, IO Informatic's Sentient Suite, and Linguamatic's I2E 3.0.

Judged by a team of Bio-IT World magazine editors and highly regarded industry experts, Best of Show Awards recognize new products which demonstrate exceptional technology innovations across the life sciences research, discovery and clinical trials process.

One company was selected within four technology categories. The following winners were selected from 13 finalists, based on the products' technical merit, functionality and innovation, and in-person presentations to the judges at the show.

--  eClinical Technologies
    Medidata Designer by Medidata Solutions
--  Information Technology Infrastructure
    X-Series clustered storage systems by Isilon
--  Life Science Information Platforms
    Sentient Suite of software by IO Informatics
--  Life Science Information Applications
    I2E 3.0 by Linguamatics

Best of Show Award Winners

Medidata Designer is a hosted enterprise internet application based on J2EE technology for transport and persistence and a hybrid between Java and DotNET components on the Desktop. The primary user interface is Microsoft Word, heavily customized and controlled by metadata-driven automation components. Across the wire synchronization of compressed business objects is accomplished with RMI over SSL for security and performance. The hosted persistence tier consists of EJB technology running in BEA's weblogic server and a robust Oracle implementation. XML plays a very large role both in managing protocol content and configuring behavior at all levels of the application and managing the interactions of multiple dependent data models.

By combining Isilon's OneFS® operating system software with the latest advances in industry-standard hardware, Isilon delivers modular, pay-as-you-grow, enterprise-class clustered storage systems that deliver unprecedented storage scalability and performance, and dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of managing storage growth -- empowering enterprises to achieve unprecedented levels of innovation and business agility. Isilon's X-Series clustered storage systems deliver the industry's first and only storage system to scale to greater than 1.6 Petabytes of capacity and provide performance of 10 Gigabytes per second in a single file system and single volume -- achieving 100X the scalability and 20X the performance of traditional SAN and NAS storage systems.

Knowledge Explorer, part of IO Informatics' Sentient Suite, is most effected by working group and semantic additions. It leverages the latest semantic web technologies to integrate, model, visualize and explore data, revealing networks and novel relationships in complex data sets from one or multiple sources -- greatly aiding in tasks such as biomarker discovery and characterization. Results from database queries, formal ontologies and data in semantic formats can be imported and merged to dynamically build knowledge. Core enhancements include the ability to utilize multiple standards (RDF, N3, OWL, OBO) in combination, connecting directly via URIs, and the use of thesauri for classes and relationships on data import and merging.

Linguamatic's I2E 3.0 provides accessible text mining, enabling research and business decision-makers to rapidly uncover relevant insights by extracting key facts and relationships from document collections. Linguamatics' customers use I2E to inform their decisions and enhance productivity in applications ranging from systems biology, biomarker detection and safety in pharmaceutical R&D to key opinion leader, sentiment and competitive analysis for business intelligence. I2E 3.0 enables users to find answers faster through the application of leading edge NLP-based technology. Users can define and execute queries on a wide range of data sources, using plug-in domain knowledge to increase accuracy and relevance of results. Results are delivered in a structured form as assertions, relationships and insights with direct access to supporting evidence, rather than lists of documents.

Best of Show Award winners received honorary signage, an awards logo, and an engraved award. They also will be featured on the Bio-IT World website with additional coverage in an upcoming issue of the magazine. For complete coverage of the awards visit

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