SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - May 13, 2008) - AnchorFree, the largest Hotspot media network, today announced a partnership with WebAds UK, a leading independent, interactive advertising network serving the EMEA region, through which the AnchorFree network will connect UK advertisers with thousands of mobile Internet users across Europe. The partnership expands AnchorFree's established footprint of millions of active users in this region to date.

Launched in the Fall of 2007, AnchorFree's innovative media network has been rapidly adopted as a strategic tool for advertisers to increase user engagement and brand interaction via unobtrusive, banner-like advertisements. These messages are precisely targeted to users' particular interests, behavior and location. AnchorFree's broadband network guarantees 100% accurate location-based targeting, enabling marketers to reach and interact with out-of-home mobile consumers over the course of their entire online experience.

"We are very pleased to support AnchorFree's expanded presence in Europe and believe that this unique service will prove to be the future of the mobile Internet," said Jonas Jaanimagi, managing partner, WebAds UK. "Mobile professionals need to constantly access the Internet on the move, so in response to this demand we want to be able to offer advertisers access to this high-net-worth audience across Europe via a service that will quickly become an industry-standard model."

This ability to geo-target plays a particularly significant role in serving the diversity of the EMEA region, where advertisers benefit from reaching pertinent consumers based on the country in which they are located. With more and more venues such as coffee shops, hotels, train stations and airports offering Internet access to cater to the millions of traveling working professionals, advertisers are now presented with an ideal environment to reach an attentive, relevant audience.

AnchorFree's broadband media network currently serves hundreds of millions of page views per month, making it a highly strategic channel for advertisers to reach a broad set of in-transit mobile laptop professionals. The platform is already being used internationally by more than one hundred brand advertisers, including AirTran, Circuit City, Clorox, Ford, Harrah's, Kaiser Permanente, Major League Baseball, McDonald's, Princess Cruises, Prudential, Qwest and Toyota.

"Advertisers are looking for new and more impactful ways to reach targeted online consumers, and our broadband media network has been built explicitly to meet this need," said Mark Smith, COO of AnchorFree. "We already have millions of users in the EMEA region, and are committed to scaling this continued growth and creating compelling opportunities for advertisers. WebAds has established itself with a solid presence in the UK and surrounding countries, and tapping into this network footprint aligns with the three-fold AnchorFree value proposition: providing consumers with a free way to go online, encouraging distribution partners to generate revenue, and providing advertisers with a means to speak to the right audience at the right time."

About AnchorFree

AnchorFree, the largest Hotspot media network, is a new marketing channel for brand and direct response marketers to deliver interactive, timely and targeted advertisements to laptop and mobile device users when they are away from the home or office. The AnchorFree network connects advertisers with millions of consumers in a captive, persistent manner that is highly measurable and geo-targeted to these user's exact locations. AnchorFree is also the first advertising network to offer consumers full control over their privacy and security through the company's Hotspot Shield, a free advertising supported VPN client available for download at AnchorFree is a privately held company based in Sunnyvale, California.

About WebAds

WebAds runs an independent advertising network of more then 120 websites across Europe and now has offices in Amsterdam, Milan and London -- employing over 75 experienced staff. WebAds UK ( was successfully launched in London in March 2007 and now has a total of ten websites within its ad sales network -- with a particular focus on business and finance. The WebAds sales network is 100% transparent in everything that they do with both publishers and advertisers and always seeks to fully understand, partner and represent each website within the network on an individual basis.

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