MARLBOROUGH, MA--(Marketwire - May 16, 2008) - Workscape, a leading provider of outsourced benefits and talent management solutions, today announced details of the latest version of its award-winning talent management suite. The Workscape Talent Management Suite includes Workscape Compensation, Workscape Performance and additional applications that are delivered as software-as-a-service on a single technology platform. The newest version of the Workscape Talent Management Suite adds new GroupManager functionality and enhanced compensation planning productivity through an updated Adobe Flex-based user interface.

Group Manager

New in this version of Workscape Talent Management is GroupManager. GroupManager provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for managing and editing the employee hierarchies and groups that drive visibility and eligibility permissions in the Workscape Talent Management suite. This functionality is relevant to changes in eligibility due to movement and different approval processes for stock, merit and bonuses that are derived from hierarchies managed in an ERP, HRIS or similar system of records. Workscape's flexible functionality overrules rigid ERP systems' inability to allow users to view and edit employee hierarchies as needed. Workscape's latest version also enables users to drag and drop employees from one hierarchy to another; search by name or other criteria; view employees in existing tree structures; multi-select employees for easy group transfers; and add, delete and transfer employees.

Web 2.0 User Interface

Also new in this version of the Workscape Talent Management Suite is a new user interface for Workscape Compensation Planner that leverages Adobe Flex technology. The new rich interface allows users to reorder columns, freeze sections of the screen and access supporting information from one screen in order to make better compensation decisions. Workscape's updated interface also addresses the Section 508 requirements that guide the accessibility of electronic and information technology to people with visual disabilities.

"Many ERP systems store reporting information in a manner that is inconsistent with how compensation and performance management processes work. Workscape's new GroupManager functionality overcomes these limitations, while also reducing the data errors created by manually building and updating employee hierarchies in spreadsheets and desktop databases," said Workscape's Talent Management General Manager, Sam Adams. "Additionally, our new Compensation Planner interface, which uses the latest Flex-based Web 2.0 technology, receives very high marks from compensation managers, line managers and HR professionals. It provides a dynamic easy-to-use, configurable interface that extends our 'single-screen' planning model which gives planning managers maximum flexibility in selecting what information they see and how they work."

Adams continued, "There's no doubt that traditional ERP systems have underserved this market. Workscape is rapidly closing that gap by providing the functionality that is making a difference, both to users and their organizations."

Workscape will demonstrate the latest version of its Talent Management suite at the WorldatWork Conference, being held May 21, 2008 through May 23, 2008 at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Demonstrations will be held in the company's booth, 703.

About Workscape

Workscape is a leading provider of business-critical HR solutions that enable hundreds of organizations to manage their two largest workforce expenditures: employee benefits and performance-driven compensation. Workscape's offerings share a common technology platform, can be readily integrated with existing IT investments, serve millions of employees, and are scalable and configurable to meet the distinct requirements of organizations ranging from 2,000 to over 400,000 employees. One client uses the company's award-winning multi-lingual compensation solution to compensate hundreds of thousands of employees across 70 countries. Workscape's outsourced benefits administration offerings are backed by U.S.-based 7 x 24 support for managers and employees on policies and processes.

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