COLMAR, PA--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - Dorman® Products (NASDAQ: DORM) today announced the distribution of more than 825,000 Service Dealer Guides containing hundreds of "New-to-the-Aftermarket" parts. The 24-page Guide features the launch of totally new Dorman® OE Solutions™ categories such as Leaf Spring Shackle Kits, Diesel Repair Parts, Steering Shafts, Technician Trays, A/C Line Repair Kits, and much more that were previously only available at the OE Dealer.

Since its inception in 2003, the Dorman Service Dealer Guide has demonstrated that it is a driving force in increasing awareness of Dorman's "New-to-the-Aftermarket" products and innovative repair solutions among Independent Service Dealers. The 2008 Spring Service Dealer Guide continues this tradition by highlighting many of the exciting new products that Dorman has recently introduced for the Service Dealer and Do-It-Yourself Markets.

Dorman's Service Dealer Guide was circulated through national Aftermarket parts distributors, the April edition of Aftermarket Business and the upcoming May edition of MotorAge. An interactive digital version of the Service Dealer Guide is also available on

Richard Berman, Chairman and CEO of Dorman Products, said, "This latest installment of the Service Dealer Guide further demonstrates that Dorman remains committed to increasing customer satisfaction while growing awareness of our product offerings and repair alternatives by having the Service Dealer think of their Aftermarket supplier first, before calling the OE Dealer. We remain committed to accelerating opportunities through continued investment in new product development, initiatives designed to create and grow Aftermarket demand for new and existing products, and supply chain excellence that provides the right parts at the right time and place to satisfy demand."

Dorman Products, Inc. is a leading supplier of automotive products and home hardware to the automotive Aftermarket and mass merchandise markets. For more information about Dorman, the company's website can be accessed at

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