LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - May 20, 2008) - Fabrizio Boccardi today announced that Italian media baron Raimondo Lagostena, controlling shareholder of Italy-based Gruppo Profit, has become a shareholder in King Midas World Entertainment, Inc. (KMWE). Lagostena's interest in KMWE proceeded through his controlled affiliate Compagnie De Television et Cinema, based in Luxembourg.

Boccardi expects Lagostena's involvement will help to establish and market the anticipated worldwide franchise of "The Tyrant™" in all media, to begin with the epic thriller "The Seven Sins™: The Tyrant™ Ascending," by bestselling author Jon Land and King Midas World Entertainment, Inc., to be published by Forge Books in the United States and Canada on June 10, 2008, just in time for Father's Day.

Boccardi envisions the book's protagonist Michael Tiranno, The Tyrant of the title, and the book itself, as the cornerstone of the multi-media and gaming brand he is currently building.

"The release of the book is really the launch for the brand," says Lisa Mayo-DeRiso, vice president of marketing of King Midas World Entertainment, Inc. "The themes, characters and storylines will have a cultural influence and develop worldwide recognition."

Boccardi explains, "The point of The Tyrant and his mantra 'To Dream, To Dare, To Win,' is not just to create a story, but also establish a lifestyle concept. The Tyrant franchise will start in publishing and motion pictures even as we lay the groundwork for expanding into several other areas, all centered on the building of a timeless household name. With the launching of The Tyrant franchise, we intend to innovatively reinvent the distribution of entertainment to the public."

Lagostena adds, "I believe Fabrizio's vision is different and innovative, and certainly one worth pursuing."

"He's a unique character," Boccardi says, "The Tyrant is a creature of this age and our times, and 'The Seven Sins™: The Tyrant™ Ascending' is the first entertainment product to feature him."

The New York Times #1 best-selling author, Vince Flynn, raves that the book is: "'The Godfather' reinvented for a new generation."

King Midas World, an independent affiliate, while part of the same brand, is in the process to evaluate options available, to properly capitalize itself, and to make strategic acquisitions primarily in the media, hospitality and casino industries.

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