SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - June 9, 2008) - NSS Labs, a world leader in independent security product testing and certification, announced today that it will be conducting the industry's first independent 10Gig Network IPS group test, and is inviting all the major vendors in the IPS market place to participate.

With the explosion of both legitimate network traffic and data security threats, the need for high-speed intrusion prevention products has never been greater. Several vendors have delivered products and solutions to address the market demand for 10 Gbps Network IPS. NSS Labs is continuing its tradition of comprehensive, independent testing of cutting edge security technologies by initiating this group test.

Testing will be conducted during Q3 of 2008, with results appearing in Q4. NSS Labs is the only independent test lab that executes both security and performance testing utilizing a standardized, published criteria -- providing readers with a common reference framework for product evaluations. The methodology will be reviewed and edited based on feedback from our extensive advisory group, which consists of information security buyers, auditors and vendors.

"Our readers are considering sizeable investments in 10Gbps network IPS deployments to protect their critical assets and comply with regulations," says Bob Walder, CTO, NSS Labs. "Our mission is to provide them with the incomparable level of empirical data and insight that they've come to expect from NSS Labs."

NSS pioneered IDS/IPS testing with the publication of the industry's first IDS test criteria in 1999 and the first IPS test criteria in 2002. Today, NSS Labs' Network IPS certifications are the most distinguished awards possible in the category. Our comprehensive and rigorous test methodology ensures that certified products yield real world results that IT buyers can rely upon.

The NSS Labs NIPS Certification attests to the abilities of a product to properly identify and block exploit attempts while maintaining sustained loads of legitimate user traffic and not improperly blocking legitimate user traffic. NSS Labs executes the industry's most stringent practices to test hundreds of samples from our library of thousands of exploits and malware samples. We utilize proprietary in-house developed tools, as well as best of breed tools and services from partners such as Assurent/Telus, BreakingPoint Systems, Core Security, Immunity, Mu Dynamics and Spirent.

More information about NSS Labs' Network IPS testing program and certified products can be found here:

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