BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwire - June 11, 2008) - The Superstar Foundation is the first nonprofit organization to call attention to and respond to the need to better compensate individual, high-performing, social service staff. The newly formed Superstar Foundation is intended to celebrate and invigorate social service professionals who are the best in their field through public recognition and financial rewards. Steve Butz, Founder of Social Solutions, the leading provider of performance management software for the social services sector, launched the foundation as part of his vision to transform the sector.

Starting out as a caseworker, Butz developed a software platform to improve his own work performance. This led to the creation of Social Solutions, based on Butz' mission of improving effectiveness across the social services sector. Today's launch of the Superstar Foundation marks the next phase in Butz' vision -- to incentivize point of service professionals to manage their performance more effectively, and to reward those who do.

"I started Social Solutions to help improve social services, ensuring that organizations are having the greatest impacts possible," said Butz. "At the core of this vision are the front line professionals. Not only is it crucial that we provide incentives to retain these talented professionals in the sector, but this step propels us down the path of really being able to change the way social services are delivered."

The Superstar Foundation will reward high-performing social service professionals through its Veronica Grants, in memory of Steve's mother, who wanted to work in the social services field but, as a wife and mother of five, was not able to fulfill that desire.

Grant nominations can be submitted by or for people who have demonstrated their effect on social change. For 2008, the program will reward five $2,000 grants across five service categories. Over the next few years, as money is raised for an endowment, the plan is to expand the program to recognize the top 20 - 30 entries with $10,000 for his/her commitment and dedication to the social service industry. A panel of industry experts will judge submissions in the following categories:

--  Youth Development
--  After School / Out-of-School Youth Services
--  Adult Men's Services
--  Adult Women's Services
--  Family Services

"The Superstar Foundation is something that is long overdue and an initiative that should be embraced and applauded by anyone who cares about improving society through social services," said Steve Montgomery, Board Member, Superstar Foundation. "We expect this will have a profound long-term impact within the industry and hope that others will show their support for the Foundation."

Initial funding for the Superstar Foundation was provided by personal contributions from Steve Butz and Social Solutions and will be given to those who need it most -- the underpaid workers who excel in their positions. The foundation will begin to accept applications for Veronica Grants in September 2008.

"Social service professionals make an impact on our children and our communities," said Butz. "Rewarding their hard work and encouraging them to remain involved in their organizations ensures that social services will continue to help those in need. This foundation is meant to do exactly that."

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About the Superstar Foundation™:

The Superstar Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to celebrating and rewarding top performing social work professionals from effective organizations. It was developed and launched in 2008 by Steve Butz, founder and president of Social Solutions. Committed to improving the social services industry, Steve's vision is to empower organizations to make sure they are making a difference and help them to retain top talent so that they can grow and further benefit the people they service.

The Superstar Foundation: Great Pay for Great Social Service Workers Doing Great Work

About Social Solutions and ETO Software®

Social Solutions challenges and equips social service providers and their funders to turn good intent into measurable change by relating efforts to outcomes. Social Solutions' industry leading performance management solution, ETO Software, is used by thousands of organizations to clearly assess which of their efforts is having the greatest impact on the social issues they strive to address. With this knowledge, organizations can optimize their performance by reinforcing what works, adjusting what doesn't work, and more easily reporting quantified successes to key stakeholders.

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