NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 11, 2008) - Scalix, the award-winning Linux email, calendaring and messaging company, today announced the implementation of the first stage of a new, flexible, workgroup collaboration technology with a new 'Proxy Folder' feature in the latest 11.4 Scalix release. Proxy Folders enable Scalix administrators to channel external data feeds to any Scalix-supported client of choice. This new technical capability marks the beginning of a paradigm shift that will ultimately transform Scalix from a back-end email system into a central collaboration platform and management hub through which users can access an expanding array of data, either managed within Scalix, or channeled from external sources.

The new Proxy Folder facility enables Scalix administrators to set up server-side subscriptions to in-house and external feeds of news, events, and WebCal calendars, which users can access anywhere they go. Unlike competitive collaboration solutions, that either require all data to be stored directly within the system or connect to existing data only through desktop-side integration of a limited set of clients, Scalix will provide a universal server-side solution with centrally controlled access via any email client of choice. Supported clients include Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Sunbird and Lightning, Apple Mail and iCal, Novell Evolution, and Scalix's own award-winning AJAX-based browser client, Scalix Web Access. The system also supports popular mobile device clients from Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, and Apple, as well as well as Blackberry devices through a third-party add-on. Microsoft Windows Mobile devices will be supported through upcoming ActiveSync support.

Future Scalix enhancements will provide collaboration workspaces with enterprise social networking features, integrated instant messaging, and Voice over IP, as well as full, two-way Proxy Folders for accessing file servers, Enterprise Content Management systems, and email archive repositories.

The new Scalix 11.4 release further offers optional Scalix AntiSpam and Scalix ZeroHour AntiVirus, utilizing Commtouch's real-time Recurrent Pattern Detection technology to stop viruses upon initial release, blocking up to 97 percent of incoming spam without any configuration or spam filter training. The Scalix Web Access client has a fresh new look, higher performance, and the ability to overlay multiple calendars, making it easier than ever to organize a multitude of events and appointments.

"With every Scalix upgrade we are striving to solidify our leadership among alternatives to Microsoft Exchange and stay ahead of our customers' needs. Scalix 11.4 tops past versions with additional features and a sharp-looking Web client," said Andreas Typaldos, Xandros CEO. "I find the overlay calendars and Proxy Folders enormously helpful in arranging my continent-hopping schedule and tracking a multitude of external and internal event and news sources. I can access the latest updates from anywhere using my mobile device or Scalix Web Access, and thanks to built-in, real time antivirus and antispam, my inbox is now refreshingly clean."

"Whether you're using a PC, a laptop, a hand-held device, or simply accessing the web via your friend's computer, email and calendaring are likely to be at the hub of your everyday work experience. Today, most people live inside the client-side applications that deliver this information, and Scalix is now taking advantage of this ubiquitous presence to turn all supported clients of choice into universal workplaces, where people can collaborate by using advanced methods of information exchange," said Florian von Kurnatowski, Scalix Director of Product Management. "The result is an elegant, cost-effective, universal replacement for the current crop of bloated, proprietary, client-specific, corporate collaboration suites. This server-side, client-agnostic solution forms the heart of the Scalix collaboration suite. It will be simple to administer, and open to existing and upcoming forms of backend integration, based on industry and open standards."

Pricing and availability:

Full details of the new features in Scalix 11.4 are posted on the Scalix web site, where the free Community Edition including the Proxy Folders feature is available for immediate download. For licensing details on the Small Business, Enterprise, and Hosting editions of Scalix 11.4 as well as optional features such as Scalix AntiSpam and ZeroHour AntiVirus, please contact Scalix sales at

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