HUNT VALLEY, MD and MARLBOROUGH, MA--(Marketwire - June 11, 2008) - ConnectYourCare, a top-ranked Consumer-Directed Healthcare (CDH) account platform provider, and Workscape, a leading provider of outsourced benefits and talent management solutions, have joined together to offer the first integrated CDH benefits platform in the marketplace. Under the terms of the alliance, Workscape will incorporate ConnectYourCare's CDH administration technology -- featuring state-of-the-art claims substantiation and adjudication -- into their existing benefits platform that currently serves over 50 major global corporations. The new solution enables large employers to continue to use health plans for claims processing while providing plan participants with a superior customer experience with health related service point-of-purchase ease and flexibility.

ConnectYourCare is a spending account technology platform designed to support Consumer Directed Health (CDH) plans, which typically include savings accounts such as FSA, HRA and HSA. The company's advanced approach to providing a rich, Web-based experience for account management and claims submission aligns with Workscape's long-standing position of being the most technologically advanced outsourced benefits administration solution provider. The new CDH solution will be available for fall 2008 enrollment and includes: implementation, 24-hour customer service, employee communications, claims processing, compliance, a multi-purse healthcare payment card, single-sign-on investment management and an employer-branded CDH portal.

"As a leader in business-critical HR solutions, it was essential that Workscape align with an organization that can effectively manage the back-office complexities of today's CDH plan designs," stated Daryl Ashley, vice president and general manager, Outsourced Benefits Administration, Workscape. "Our mutual clients' success lies in creating a consumer-focused vision of next generation CDH Account Administration and the joint expertise and technology of ConnectYourCare and Workscape will create a best-in-class offering."

"The Workscape benefits enrollment and delivery portal is one of the best payor-independent consumer experiences in the marketplace," remarked Jamie Spriggs, President and COO of ConnectYourCare. "Workscape has leveraged our Web services capabilities to deploy an optimal consumer experience, branded with its customers' 'look and feel,' so that the application integration from enrollment and tools to accounts appears seamless to the user."

CDH's momentum is creating new plan designs that cannot be administered by traditional vendors. Working together, ConnectYourCare and Workscape are delivering a best-in-class solution for handling the complexities of these plans, including for HRA and HSA combinations that -- until a few years ago -- didn't exist. As a result, employers struggling to make sure their employees gain the full benefit of CDH products can rely on this embedded solution that has a fully integrated CDH component, along with CDH-centric communications and processes.

More About Workscape Outsourced Benefits Administration (OBA)

Featuring powerful, easy-to-use technology, Workscape's OBA offerings include robust employee enrollment and life event management applications; dynamic and personalized decision support tools; benefit manager analytics for plan management; and an integrated health promotion and wellness platform from WebMD. At the heart of Workscape's OBA solutions is a 24/7 U.S.-based HR Service Center, which is staffed by experienced benefits professionals.

About ConnectYourCare

ConnectYourCare's consumer-directed healthcare (CDH) benefit delivery platform provides a pathway for migration to account-based health plans, supplying tools for consumers to better manage their healthcare dollars. ConnectYourCare's core strategy is based upon providing stewardship to its customers by helping them simplify complex health benefit concepts, motivate individuals to act, and execute a successful solution, resulting in long-term health benefit cost containment. Please visit for more information or call 1-877-495-3341.

About Workscape

Workscape is a leading provider of business-critical HR solutions that enable hundreds of organizations to manage their two largest workforce expenditures: employee benefits and performance-driven compensation. Workscape's offerings share a common technology platform, can be readily integrated with existing IT investments, serve millions of employees, and are scalable and configurable to meet the distinct requirements of organizations ranging from 2,000 to over 400,000 employees. One client uses the company's award-winning multi-lingual compensation solution to compensate hundreds of thousands of employees across 70 countries. Workscape's outsourced benefits administration offerings are backed by U.S.-based 24/7 support for managers and employees on policies and processes. For more information about Workscape, visit or call (888) 605-9620.