SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - June 12, 2008) - nSolutions, Inc. ( today announced that it will participate in a multi-vendor Trusted Computing Group environment in support of TNC's new IF-MAP Protocol. nSolutions will demonstrate how NOVA updates and continuously audits all changes to network and server configurations, alerting network IT operations in real-time, to policy violations, security threats, and vulnerabilities.

Kamlesh Mehta, nSolutions' CTO and VP of Engineering, highlighted the complementary aspects of NOVA and IF-MAP, "Trusted Network Connect's philosophy is to enable more secure computing environments, without compromising functional integrity. nSolutions subscribes to this open standard. Our NOVA product line monitors infrastructure configuration changes and provides real-time security for the entire life cycle of network devices: from pre-connect assessment to continuous post admission monitoring and control. Specifically, IF-MAP will allow nSolutions to seamlessly integrate configuration change management into multi-vendor deployments which address post-connect and clientless endpoint security."

"Trusted Computing Group welcomes the participation of nSolutions in next week's IT Roadmap demonstrations, which will show a number of ways security applications and services can communicate to provide more effective network security," noted Steve Hanna, TCG Trusted Connect Work Group co-chair.

Additionally, Technology Marketing Corporation's (TMC) Communications Solutions has named NOVA as a recipient of a 2007 Product of the Year Award. The most innovative products and services brought to market in 2007 were selected as recipients of this year's Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for their groundbreaking achievement. nSolutions' NOVA appliance was selected due to its unique and highly scalable architecture for automating change in heterogeneous, globally distributed networks. (See June 11th announcement, nSolutions Receives 2007 Product of The Year Award From Communications Solutions.)

About IF-MAP

IF-MAP defines a powerful publish/subscribe/search protocol that enables a wide range of systems to share data in real-time about network devices, policies, status and behavior. For example: An intrusion detection system with a built-in IF-MAP client can publish an alert to an IF-MAP server indicating that a particular endpoint is sending anomalous traffic and a firewall that subscribes to information involving that endpoint will receive a real-time update from the IF-MAP server, triggering an automatic response.

About NOVA

NOVA is a line of highly scalable, plug-and-play appliances for automating change in heterogeneous, globally distributed networks. NOVA cuts across IT silos to view the real-time behavior of IT resources caused by an endless amount of device configurations as well as network, server and application changes.

For addition information on automating change and control, please view nSolutions' white paper, Minimizing Business Risks in Enterprise Networks.

About Trusted Computing Group

Trusted Computing Group, an industry organization that enables computing security, has created a portfolio of specifications to enable more secure computing across the enterprise. These specifications are implemented by manufacturers of PCs, servers, networking gear, applications and other software, hard drives and embedded devices. More information and the organization's specifications and work groups are available at the Trusted Computing Group's website, A new blog,, offers commentary from work group chairs and experts in the fields of computing and security.

About nSolutions

Based in San Jose, California, nSolutions, Inc. provides plug and play products for automation and control of IT infrastructures to minimize business risk from IT. Spun out of Bell Laboratories Research as an independent business, the company now offers Network Ontology and Virtualization Appliance (NOVA™), a highly scalable line of products that manage change with unmatched visibility and control of configurations in heterogeneous, globally distributed infrastructures. nSolutions markets NOVA directly and through its channel partners worldwide to medium to large enterprises in the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail sectors. More information at

Contact Information: For More Information: Michael Emerton (on behalf of nSolutions) BridgeView Marketing (603) 766-3688