SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - July 9, 2008) - Edgenuity, a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for K-12 education, today announced the launch of TransParent Edge, a Web-based application that provides families with a confidential, up-to-date profile of their child's academic performance. TransParent Edge includes everything from content standards and expectations for each course to assignments, test scores and standards-based report cards or transcripts. With TransParent Edge, families are informed about when assignments are due and can gain insight into comments from teachers about their child's performance.

TransParent Edge consolidates meaningful data, such as grades on individual assignments, missing assignments, standards-based report cards, student schedules, student information, attendance, expectations and requirements of specific courses based on state standards and pacing guides for upcoming district or state testing. This information is accessible via the Web using a secure application, that gives families an accurate and graphically rich view of their student's progress, including multiple measures such as testing, grades and rubrics by standards or skills and concepts.

Eric Docter, president of Edgenuity, commented, "TransParent Edge provides a systematic approach to inform families about the district's efforts in the areas of curriculum and assessment. It enables principals and site leaders to communicate with families using multiple measures of achievement. For teachers, TransParent Edge is leveraging the work they're already doing to assess their students while providing that information to families without additional effort. And, for families, TransParent Edge delivers a comprehensive set of student performance measures including grades, rubrics and testing. TransParent Edge adds value to all of these important constituencies, providing the actionable information that ensures students remain on the path to academic success."

TransParent Edge is available now and complements Edgenuity's strategy for instructional improvement. This strategy focuses on six core practices to integrate curriculum, instruction, and assessment: Align and Benchmark for curriculum optimization; Instruct and Adjust for instructional improvement; and Assess and Analyze for assessment effectiveness. TransParent Edge is delivered as part of The Edgenuity Achievement Suite, which is a set of on-demand applications designed to transform teaching and learning to support these six core practices. For more information about The Edgenuity Achievement Suite and TransParent Edge, please contact Ben Sanders by emailing

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Edgenuity is a Silicon Valley-based software and services company providing solutions to school districts for instructional improvement. The company provides a comprehensive, integrated solution incorporating the three core competencies for effective teaching: curriculum, instruction and assessment. In addition to its software, Edgenuity assists districts with professional services that integrate the work of curriculum, instruction and assessment into a coherent strategy for improving student achievement. For more information, visit Edgenuity's Web site at