OKEMOS, MI--(Marketwire - July 9, 2008) - Imagine an affordable, beautiful home designed to meet the needs of you and your growing family; one that allows you to care for an aging parent, and appeals to everyone in your family. A system-built home is the perfect starter home, with lasting benefits, and room to grow.

System-built homes share all the same features as site-built homes, but cost 10 to 35 percent less per square foot, so it's affordable for first-time buyers. You don't need to invest money into refurbishing and remodeling an older home to become a homeowner. Manufacturers offer a number of floor plans and features to choose from to create long-term value for your family.

With the variety of options available, including bay windows, pitched roofs, permanent foundations and site-built garages, homebuyers can have a comfortable and stylish system-built home customized to fit their individual needs.

Just think how basic features would make the home more accessible to a child in a stroller, to adults moving in furniture and to a person in a wheelchair. System-built homes may be the answer to your home search if you're seeking a home that's functional to your physically challenged loved ones.

The US Census Bureau reports nearly 250,000 people in Michigan live with non-institutionalized disabilities. Most system-built home manufacturers including Clayton Homes, Commodore Homes and Rochester Homes offer features to simplify the living conditions of your home for people of all ages, sizes and abilities. "We offer features and designs that accommodate that homebuyer segment and increase the quality of life for those individuals," said Kenny Anderson, Rochester Homes Marketing Manager.

Special features vary by manufacturer, but some of the most commonly offered features include grab bars, dropdown bath sinks, raised electrical outlets, lever action exterior locksets, enlarged interior and exterior doors and more.

More and more manufacturers are realizing the importance of offering universally designed floor plans. Shamrock Homes is one MMHA member that now offers universally designed floor plans to make life easier for the aging and impaired.

Visit www.michhome.org to search for manufacturers and the different floor plans and features they offer.

For more information on system-built housing, visit www.michhome.org, call 800.551.1315 or contact the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association, 2222 Association Drive, Okemos, MI 48864-5978; 517.349.3300.

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