ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL--(Marketwire - July 14, 2008) - In a span of only four years, WITRON's vision of a fully automated case picking system has evolved from concept to worldwide phenomenon. Companies throughout North America and Europe are aggressively pursuing WITRON's latest offering, with some clients ordering their second or even third such system.

The OPM (Order Picking Machine) system allows store-friendly deliveries to stores, while virtually eliminating picking labor within the DC. The benefits of such a system extend beyond the DC, with a reduction in effort to fill store shelves as a result of store-friendly pallets. In addition, transportation benefits can be realized from improved order pallet density. All of these benefits are made possible through WITRON's innovative and proprietary COM (Case Order Machine) at the heart of the OPM system. The COM allows cases to be automatically stacked atop order pallets in a store-friendly sequence, without any of the gaps around the cases that result in most robotic pallet-building applications. Although revolutionary in its approach, the majority of the components and processes that drive the OPM are standard within the world of warehouse automation.

WITRON's OPM system is having a profound impact on grocery distribution throughout the world. The world's largest and most respected companies in retail industries have recognized the benefits of the OPM system as a tool for maintaining and gaining competitive advantage. With more than 214 COMs in operation or on order, an experience pool of more than 10 million store-friendly built pallets, and the capability to automatically handle more than ten thousand different products, OPM certainly looks to be the wave of the future for case picking automation.

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WITRON Integrated Logistics Corp.

WITRON Integrated Logistics, located in Arlington Heights, IL, is a worldwide leader in material handling automation. WITRON's core competence is the design and implementation of innovative logistics systems. With more than 35 years of experience in distribution center automation, WITRON focuses on achieving the most efficient methods of order picking and replenishment for its customers. In turn, WITRON's customers reap the benefits of significant cost reductions from labor and footprint savings.

As a turn-key systems integrator, WITRON takes complete responsibility for all phases of a project from design and implementation through ramp-up and maintenance. Headquartered in Parkstein, Germany, WITRON has grown to include subsidiaries in the USA, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain.

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