WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - July 15, 2008) - With the view that medical tourism may be an innovative approach to expanding access to lower cost, sometimes higher quality health care, the National Business Group on Health, a non-profit association of more than 300 large U.S. employers, today released an Issue Brief on Medical Tourism to inform and guide employers in their evaluation of this option for their organizations.

The NBGH's Issue Brief on Medical Tourism comes at a time when a growing number of U.S. employers, consumers, and other stakeholders are investigating the benefits of going abroad for non-urgent medical procedures. Estimated at $60 billion in 2006, the size of the worldwide medical tourism market is projected to reach $100 billion by 2012.

"As U.S. employers continue to explore cost-effective health care options for their organizations, medical tourism will continue to garner considerable attention and investment," said Helen Darling, President of the National Business Group on Health. "While robust media attention and key stakeholders continue to tout the significant cost differentials afforded by offshore care, and drive interest in this innovative approach, employers should have a clear understanding of the critical issues involved in medical tourism."

The Issue Brief defines medical tourism and provides statistics about the current marketplace; identifies those procedures most commonly performed abroad; lists most frequented destination countries and evaluation of destination country standards, and explores the key drivers of current interest in/use of medical tourism. The Issue Brief also examines the critical issues necessary to effectively evaluate inclusion of medical tourism coverage, which include: quality of care, patient suitability, benefit coverage components, care coordination, legal/liability issues, and the potential versus actual cost savings of medical tourism. An employer case study and the results of a 2008 medical tourism survey of Business Group members are also included.

"There are a number of significant reasons -- expanded access, cost-effectiveness, competitive pressures on U.S. providers, and safe health outcomes -- for employers to consider adding coverage of medical tourism to their benefits package," said Ms. Darling. "However, prior to facilitating treatment abroad, it's essential that employers undertake a comprehensive due diligence process to ensure that inclusion of this benefit is worthwhile for their organizations."

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