LOS GATOS, CA--(Marketwire - July 28, 2008) - Transitive® Corporation, the leading provider of cross-platform virtualization solutions, today announced that prominent UK-based internet grocer Ocado has deployed Transitive's innovative QuickTransit® for Solaris™/SPARC®-to-Linux®/x86-64 solution to move its application development and testing infrastructure to a new hardware platform. Built from the ground up, Ocado made its first grocery delivery in 2002 and now handles tens of thousands of orders each week, providing high-quality groceries delivered into the kitchen at prices comparable to those charged by larger brick-and-mortar grocery stores.

"We are very pleased to have Ocado as a successful QuickTransit customer," said Bob Wiederhold, CEO of Transitive. "Ocado's business model demands a highly efficient computing infrastructure, and the ability to transition quickly and easily to new hardware platforms will allow Ocado to maintain its competitive edge, without the expense or distraction of porting projects."

"Our operational infrastructure was originally based on equipment that we acquired quickly when the company first started," said Tim Horne, head of operations and infrastructure at Ocado. "Our in-house datacenter growth was straining our rack-space capacity and we had to move quickly to replace our aging servers with newer, more efficient equipment. With the help of QuickTransit and other virtualization software, we have now reduced our test and development physical environment to one-quarter of its original size, with tremendous savings of space, cooling and electricity. QuickTransit allowed us the breathing room to initiate porting projects based on business need rather than undertaking an emergency project. We also welcome the resulting energy savings, which underscore the benefits of our inherently green business model."

To address the most typical customer deployments, Transitive offers three configurations of its QuickTransit product line: QuickTransit Workstation is intended for use on desktop and laptop PCs; QuickTransit Server is used for large-scale datacenter consolidation projects; and QuickTransit Legacy is a specialized version for application re-hosting from very old legacy hardware running operating system versions that are no longer supported.

Evaluation versions of QuickTransit can be downloaded from the Transitive Web site at: http://www.transitive.com/evaluate.

About Ocado

Ocado (www.ocado.com) was founded on a vision to change the way people shop for groceries forever, by offering them the same benefits of shopping in a store together with significant time savings and an environmentally-friendly shopping experience. Uniquely in the UK, Ocado is not reliant upon a network of stores which use precious land and generate undesirable food waste, emissions and congestion. Instead, to fulfill customers' orders, Ocado has pioneered a system that requires just a single distribution center.

About Transitive Corporation

Transitive is a leader in cross-platform virtualization, and its award-winning QuickTransit technology is built into more than 12 million computers worldwide. QuickTransit allows software applications that have been compiled for one processor and operating system to run on systems with different processors and operating systems, without any source code or binary changes and at speeds comparable to native ports. As a result, QuickTransit allows IT managers to quickly and easily replicate legacy enterprise applications from the original hardware and run them on modern, standardized platforms without incurring the costs and delays of porting projects, and without disruption to end users. This workload replication helps enterprise customers improve business continuity, including superior disaster recovery, scalability and high-availability solutions.

Transitive's cross-platform virtualization technology is the foundation for Apple's Rosetta translation software (built into Apple's Intel-based Macintosh computers) and also for PowerVM Lx86, which is available for all IBM Power Systems enterprise servers. Transitive Corporation is located in Los Gatos, California with a research and development team in Manchester, UK. More information can be found at Transitive's Web site at www.transitive.com.

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