COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - July 29, 2008) - As consumer spending slows nationwide, many Americans are looking for ways to save money. SafeAuto Insurance Company, a provider of minimum insurance coverage, advises consumers not to cut back on car insurance during harsh economic times.

"The combination of high gas prices and an unsteady economy has consumers keeping an eye on every dollar they spend, and automobile insurance is no exception," Jon Diamond, president of SafeAuto said. "One of the main reasons drivers go without insurance is cost, and many times these drivers are forced to decide between paying their insurance, feeding their families or simply paying rent. That's why we're keeping people legal for less -- offering a solution through affordable, state required minimum coverage insurance."

Drivers caught without proper insurance run the risk of facing further financial burdens and even criminal convictions depending on state law. According to the Insurance Information Institute, penalties for driving without compulsory insurance include fines, which can be as high as $5,000 for a subsequent offense, to license or registration suspension or revocation. Some states can impose jail time, confiscate license plates and impound vehicles.

SafeAuto recommends three cost-cutting tips for consumers, including:

1.  Get better mileage -- ensure you have proper tire pressure and drive
    the speed limit to lower your gas mileage costs.
2.  Don't pay for premium -- unless your owner's manual specifies high
    octane. For most cars, premium gasoline offers no benefit.
3.  Save on insurance -- talk with your insurance agent about ways to
    cut your monthly payment. Changing your deductible amount or
    keeping a safe driving record can impact your monthly payment.

"There are a number of ways drivers can cut costs, but car insurance should not be one of them," Diamond continued. "By reducing the number of uninsured drivers, auto insurance premiums overall will decrease and the roads will be safer -- and that's what we mean when we say 'Play it Safe'!"

About SafeAuto

SafeAuto Insurance Company was started in Ohio in 1993. As a provider of minimum insurance coverage and serving an underserved market, the company quickly expanded into Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois, Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas. Today, the company provides minimum insurance coverage to automobile drivers in 14 states. SafeAuto is a direct-to-consumer auto insurance company that does not rely on a middleman, which ultimately saves its clients money. The company specializes in minimum coverage to meet the law's requirements for automobile insurance coverage in every state in which it operates.

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