BEAVERTON, OR--(Marketwire - August 4, 2008) - Companies and non-profit organizations engaged in telemarketing efforts now have a convenient way to cleanse their internal do-not-call lists through a new product offered by Metro One Telecommunications (NASDAQ: INFO).

Metro One's Internal Do-Not-Call (IDNC) Cleanse™ product helps telemarketers by identifying numbers in their internal do-not-call files that have been surrendered, and returning those numbers to the pool of active prospects.

"Until now, there has been no systematic way to update internal do-not-call lists, leaving telemarketers with a growing file of restricted numbers even though many of those numbers have been reassigned," said Jim Hensel, CEO of Metro One Telecommunications. "We have solved this dilemma through our IDNC Cleanse product that leverages our Historical Directory Assistance Listings database and our ability to do rapid, large-scale data processing."

Hensel said Metro One is prepared to process a client's list regardless of size in one business day with the patent-pending IDNC Cleanse product. Sample list runs have shown substantial quantities of internal do-not-call numbers can be purged and returned to the prospect pool with a simple pass through the IDNC product.

"Now that a quick and easy tool is available, we expect that periodic reconciling of do-not-call lists will become a normal step in list hygiene," said Hensel. "In a competitive marketplace, companies want the best possible lists and the largest possible universe of prospects."

The Metro One IDNC Cleanse product is available to all companies that are active in telemarketing by calling a Metro One sales representative at 800.763.6063.

About Metro One Telecommunications

Based in the Portland, Ore., suburb of Beaverton, Metro One is an information services provider, offering inbound and outbound contact services, data and analytics, and related services. In the past two years, the company has processed more than 300 million data transactions.

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