CONCORD, MA--(Marketwire - August 6, 2008) - How can you make the leap from thoughtleader to effective salesperson for yourself or your organization? "The Expert's Edge" ( by Ken Lizotte tells how.

Many people give up after publishing a few articles and giving a speech or two because it didn't result in any new business, but the fault isn't in thoughtleading -- it's in failing to leverage your thoughtleading actions and tie them to sales, Lizotte writes.

"When you take the right sales approach, prospects will view you as an 'expert with an edge' who can provide even greater value than your prospect could ever have imagined," he explains. "Your prospect will soon believe that he or she would be a complete fool if he/she did not hire you." Specially, Lizotte recommends to:

--  Target the right market.  Often, it's not poor sales skills that are
    the culprit but that you've targeted a market that doesn't need your
--  Not make it too easy for a prospect to become a client.  Making
    prospects jump through a few hoops weeds out the window-shoppers.
--  Present yourself to your prospects as their equals:  "What
    distinguishes a thoughtleader from just another vendor is that a
    thoughtleader is truly the expert above all other experts."
--  Leave fees out of the first draft of your proposal.  Send a
    preliminary proposal covering everything except fees.  Don't put in the fee
    until you've nailed down exactly what your prospect is looking for.

Turn Speaking Gigs into Sales

Maximize the opportunity by distributing your articles, bringing copies of your book if you've published one, collecting business cards -- and following up.

"Don't engage in phony games so you can collect cards," he writes. Instead, tell them outright that you want to put attendees on your e-list.

The next morning, always input your new contacts' information into your database, emailing each a brief thank-you note.

Selling doesn't come naturally to most people -- and it didn't to Lizotte. When he launched his business, he joined a sales organization, read books and took seminars. Today his firm, emerson consulting group ( has helped over 200 client companies and individuals become recognized thoughtleaders.

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