SAN BRUNO, CA--(Marketwire - August 7, 2008) - Devicescape Software today announced its role in enabling Honeywell to deliver secure wireless network access for the HandHeld Dolphin 7600. Devicescape's software in HandHeld Dolphin mobile computers simplifies Wi-Fi access and maintains the highest levels of security in a corporate environment, assuring enterprise customers a smooth user experience and protection of corporate assets. By enabling retail, parcel delivery, field sales and healthcare enterprise customers to have real-time, two-way access to their inventory and tracking systems via the Devicescape-enabled Dolphin 7600, Honeywell helps its customers increase visibility, decrease loss and shrinkage, and improve security and management of inventories.

Honeywell HandHeld, known for its durable image-based data collection systems for mobile applications, began working with Devicescape in 2006 to include wireless local area network access (WLAN or Wi-Fi) into its next-generation devices. Using Devicescape seamless and secure Wi-Fi solutions, the Dolphin 7600 enables continuous real-time network access to mission-critical information throughout the enterprise. In addition to expanding the market reach of Honeywell to include enterprise networks protected by Cisco security, adding Devicescape improves end customers' experience, meets demands for maintaining corporate security, reduces support costs and improves profits.

"Due to its portability and target market, easy detection of secure Wi-Fi hotspots is crucial for the Dolphin 7600," said Simon Wynn, vice president of products for Devicescape. "By adding seamless and secure Devicescape Wi-Fi capabilities to the device, Honeywell HandHeld has ensured that customers using the Dolphin 7600 can carry out system-critical tasks without fear of communication problems."

Devicescape is dedicated to creating seamless and secure Wi-Fi access from every device to every network -- at home, at work and at hotspots worldwide. By providing industry-leading access solutions, Devicescape helps its business customers improve the value of their Wi-Fi assets and products.

Honeywell HandHeld licensed the Devicescape Agent with CCX (Cisco Compatibility eXtensions) technology, which offers simple and secure Wi-Fi access to Cisco-based enterprise Wi-Fi networks. The Devicescape Agent with CCX enables the Dolphin 7600 to seamlessly access Wi-Fi networks within a company firewall without disruption to the device user.

Devicescape is the market leader of CCX technology for non-laptop devices and is a leader in Wi-Fi security and access solutions for device manufacturers. Devicescape's software has received numerous awards from industry and operator groups, has been licensed by more than 80 device manufacturers worldwide, and is shipping in more than 100 devices for millions of installed units worldwide.

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