THE HAGUE--(Marketwire - August 7, 2008) -

  - Profit per share EUR 2.32

  - Direct result per share EUR 2.43

  - Occupancy rate 94.7%

  - Wereldhave share component of AEX


The profit for the first half year of 2008 (direct and indirect result)
amounts to EUR 52.4 mln, or EUR 2.32 per share (first half year 2007:
EUR 114.7 mln or EUR 5.31 per share). The turmoil on financial markets
and the credit crunch have put an end to years of positive property
revaluations. Property values have stabilised, resulting in lower
revaluation results and lower surpluses on disposals compared with
2007. The revaluation of the property portfolio was slightly positive
in all countries, with the exception of the United Kingdom and

Direct result

The direct result for the first half year of 2008 amounts to EUR 54.0
mln, which is EUR 2.7 mln or 4.7% lower than the first half of
2007. Exchange rate differences on GBP and USD had a negative effect of
EUR - 1.8 mln on the direct result. An incidental gain of EUR 2.2 mln
in 2007 was not repeated in 2008, which caused a drop of other
financial gains and losses. Lower interest rates (primarily in the
United States) kept the rise in interest charges due
to  property acquisitions in 2007 limited to EUR 0.3 mln.

The occupancy rate improved, particularly in Belgium, being 94.7% for
the second quarter, 0.7 points up from the first quarter of
2008. Broken down by sector, occupancy rates were: offices 90.3%,
retail 98.9%, industrial 96.3% and residential 93.3%.

Indirect result

The indirect result for the first half year of 2008 amounts to EUR -1.6
mln (first half year 2007: EUR 58.0 mln). The decrease is primarily due
to lower revaluation result and lower surpluses on disposals.

During the first half year property values have more or less
stabilised. The revaluation for the first half year was EUR 2.8 mln,
compared to EUR 64.3 for the first half of 2007. Due to a negative
revaluation of financial instruments, the total revaluation result
amounts to EUR 0.1 mln (first half year 2007: EUR 60.5 mln). In the
United Kingdom, the effects of the financial crisis
have reflected in lower property values for several quarters already.
In France the value of the portfolio decreased in view of a renovation
of a shopping centre. The weighted average net cap rate of the
portfolio rose by 0.1% to 6.0%.

During the first half of 2008 only one industrial property was sold in
the United Kingdom. Consequently, results on disposals dropped by EUR
7.9 mln compared to the first half of 2007. Other gains and losses
increased by EUR 0.6 mln as the result of the settlement of a fire
insurance claim from 2001. Exchange rate differences had an
(unrealised) effect of EUR - 3.3 mln on the indirect result.


Shareholders' equity at June 30, 2008 stood at EUR 1,893,4 mln
(December 31, 2007: EUR 1,972.6 mln before distribution of profit).
This represents 69% of the balance sheet total (December 31, 2007:
70%). Exchange rate differences had a total negative effect of EUR -
65.4 mln on the value of the property portfolio, causing a reduction of
shareholders' equity of EUR 29.4 mln. The net asset value per share
at June 30, 2008 amounts to EUR 85.32 (December 31, 2007: EUR 84.37
after distribution of profit). No convertible bonds opted for
conversion. At June 30, 2008 the total number of ordinary shares in
issue stood unchanged at 20,781,735.

Property portfolio

During the first half of 2008, the property portfolio did not change,
with the exception of the sale of an industrial property of 2,100 m2 in
Winchester, United Kingdom for EUR 2.8 mln.


Wereldhave has decided not to invest in Turkey, in view of the sharp
drop in initial yields and the political instability.

The Wereldhave share will be a component of the major Dutch AEX stock
index. The free float of the Wereldhave shares amounts to 100%.
Wereldhave expects that the entry to the AEX index will have a positive
effect on the trade in Wereldhave shares.

For the year 2008, Wereldhave forecasts a direct result between EUR
4.75 and EUR 4.85 per share, given stable currency rates.

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