SHOREVIEW, MN--(Marketwire - August 8, 2008) - MSP is proud to announce that its wide-range particle spectrometers, the only ones of their kind in the world, are delivering precise, accurate data about air pollution in and around Beijing in conjunction with the Summer Olympics.

In advance of the Olympics, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Shandong University, working with Chinese environmental authorities, implemented MSP's Model 1000XP Wide-Range Particle Spectrometers to measure airborne particles before, during and after the Games in central, upwind and downwind locations in the city.

MSP's M-1000XP Wide-Range Particle Spectrometer is a unique particle-measuring instrument that uses laser light scattering, differential mobility analysis and condensation particle counting to measure and sort aerosol particles as small as 10 nanometers into 120 different size channels. Ten nanometers is the size of the smallest known virus, or roughly 1/10,000th the thickness of a human hair. Researchers will use these data to learn about particle formation and growth in different locations in Beijing.

In its bid for the Summer Games, the Beijing Olympic Committee pledged to adhere to environmental standards that included air quality measurements, and they have made a concerted effort to meet those standards, including controlling dust, gas emissions from motor vehicles and industrial and coal-burning pollution. Some motor vehicles in Beijing have been removed from the roads, construction has been curtailed and key enterprises have been asked to limit emissions.

The Wide-Range Particle Spectrometer was developed by a team of scientists and engineers at MSP, an aerosol/particle technology company based in Shoreview, MN. The instrument is used by researchers worldwide for highly precise and accurate airborne particle measurement in air pollution studies and laboratory research.

About MSP

MSP Corporation is a global, applied aerosol/particle technology company providing advanced instruments, products and services to the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and air monitoring industries. MSP is known around the world for advanced aerosol particle control, offering advanced, novel solutions to complex aerosol problems involving the generation, deposition, sampling and/or measurement of nano and micro particles from 10nm to 100 µm in size. Well-conceived displays, features and interfaces are combined with our advanced technology. MSP was incorporated in the State of Minnesota in 1985 and has product distribution in Europe, Asia and across the United States, Canada and South America.

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