PITTSFORD, NY--(Marketwire - August 12, 2008) - Niche and regional carriers can use the Internet to grow faster than ever -- but writing new business requires servicing it well, and managing claims is one of today's most complex challenges, Ian Cunningham, CEO of technology vendor Scene Genesis, writes in the August issue of Insurance Networking News.

"Consumers expect full transparency and personalized service. And they want it right now, not a few hours from now -- and certainly not tomorrow," Cunningham says.

Smaller companies can't spend fortunes on technology like industry behemoths. But being smaller and nimbler has advantages, and the Web can level the playing field.

--  Get rid of manual processes.  Linking claims systems via the Web with
    external information providers is inexpensive and reduces the manual steps.
--  Give the customer online tool:  "Letting customers report claims
    online and view the status is a good start, but insurers can go beyond that
    and let customers truly self-service their claim and gain the control they
--  A Web portal can be an ideal mechanism for enabling communication
    among all parties involved in resolving a claim. The insurer can give
    customers who have claims access to repair providers, such as autobody
    shops, fire-restoration services and builders, who are ready and able to
    compete for their business.

Letting insureds select their repair providers on the Web cuts down on the claims department's workload by effectively outsourcing the bulk of the work to vendors and customers, who get more control over the process. The process goes faster, customers are more satisfied, carriers can monitor every step, and loss-adjustment expenses are reduced, he assets. And it appeals to Web-savvy consumers, who are increasingly used to buying products and services online.

Cunningham's article, "Innovative Claims Service Through Strategic Web Use" can be read at http://tinyurl.com/6jmyxm.

Based in Pittsford, near Rochester, N.Y., Scene Genesis is a technology company serving the insurance and auto-collision-repair industries. For more information, visit www.scenegenesis.com and www.sceneexchange.com.

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