SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - August 12, 2008) - BrightRoll, the world's largest branded video advertising network, today reported the execution of the online advertising industry's first $1M pre-roll video campaign. The buy comes as part of a global branding campaign and represents a recent trend of advertisers returning to pre-roll video advertising. BrightRoll was chosen for its ability to execute pre-roll across the majority of top 100 media properties on the Web and for important campaign execution, optimization and pricing efficiencies.

The $1M pre-roll buy -- the first of its size reported in the online video advertising industry -- was executed mostly within one month on a portfolio of more than 30 branded media publishers. The company believes this to be the single largest pre-roll campaign in history. Due to the highly competitive nature of the online advertising industry, the client has requested anonymity.

The campaign follows a recent string of other exclusively pre-roll video ad campaigns executed by BrightRoll. Other brands working with BrightRoll include The History Channel, Chili's Grill & Bar, National Geographic, Blackberry, Supercuts and Land Rover.

"The world's most recognizable brands are continuing to move vast amounts of dollars online and we expect those dollars to flow to the highest performing ad unit for branded advertisers -- pre-roll video," said Tod Sacerdoti, BrightRoll's CEO. "This $1M pre-roll campaign is a testament to the efficiency that we are providing our ad agency customers and the importance of our relationships with top tier publisher partners."

Pre-roll, defined as a video ad that plays before the start of a user-selected video, is seeing a major resurgence. Another advertiser seeing results from its pre-roll campaign is Chili's: "We're extremely pleased with the reception and results that we've seen from Chili's BrightRoll-executed pre-roll campaign," said Nicole Cochran, senior media manager at Chili's. "Pre-roll is an extremely effective and cost-efficient way for us to deliver our messages in the most targeted and engaging way, and we believe that it will play a key role in the future of online advertising."

In addition to pre-roll, BrightRoll offers a suite of proprietary ad units that allow advertisers to extend the value of their existing video advertising creative assets. These include a host of ad units that extend from traditional display inventory, such as the full-screen videostitial unit and an innovative High Definition unit that provides advertisers with the largest distribution of HD-ready video ad inventory available in the industry today.

In May, BrightRoll further enhanced the ad-buying experience by eliminating rich media fees, streamlining the ad-buying process for advertisers and agencies. This integrated solution allows advertisers to execute all of their online video advertising campaigns through a single vendor, including media distribution without video rich media fees -- eliminating the hassles of working with multiple vendors to execute an online video campaign.

Launched in July 2006, BrightRoll is the only advertising network wholly focused on matching quality brand advertisers with the country's top branded media properties. The company executes video campaigns on two-thirds of the top 100 online media properties in the United States. For more information about BrightRoll, visit, or call 1-877-PRE-ROLL.

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BrightRoll is the world's largest and most trusted video advertising network, having served billions of advertisements since it was founded. BrightRoll helps major brands and agencies execute "smart video ad campaigns" across the industry's leading publishers, including two-thirds of the top 100 online media properties in the United States. BrightRoll's proprietary campaign execution, inventory management and advertising delivery technology provide brands and agencies with the reach, frequency and scalability needed to achieve their campaign goals. BrightRoll is a privately held, venture-backed company and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. BrightRoll offers its service at

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