COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - August 12, 2008) - McCain and Obama continue to battle it out in a competition that is sure to be a photo finish while pumping more money into advertising such as TV ads and text messaging campaigns. As political strategists are packaging up the candidates like products, they should pay close attention to what media influences purchase decisions. Especially important are the media preferences of undecided voters who appear to be on track to decide the election in November, according to an analysis of BIGresearch's ( Simultaneous Media Survey (SIMM 12, Jun 08).

In a connected world, it's not surprising that voters are regularly using their cell phones; 57.3% of Obama voters, 53.3% of McCain voters and 54.4% of undecided voters say they do so. Over a quarter (26.6%) of Obama voters say they text message on a regular basis, a percentage that may increase now that the Democratic candidate vows to notify supporters via text of his VP pick. 20.8% of those undecided also use text message; a group of voters who may also be eager to hear his choice. On the other hand, McCain has gone the more traditional advertising route, investing more money in Olympic TV commercials than his opponent.

So what types of media buys are more likely to not only reach, but sway undecided voters less than three months out from the election? According to the analysis, Word of Mouth is the most influential media of influence among undecided voters (36.1%), so money used to ramp up grassroots efforts would be well spent. Newspaper (20.2%) and TV (19.6%) round out the top three traditional medias most likely to influence those who are still making up their minds. Text messaging is much further down the list as only 1.8% say it influences them to purchase.

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"Presidential candidates are ultimately brands and their strategists need to understand the changing media preferences of consumers who are casting ballots in November," said Gary Drenik, President of BIGresearch. "With the election inching closer, it's no longer about brand awareness, but influencing people, especially undecided voters, to purchase/vote for a candidate."

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