FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - August 13, 2008) - ubExact today unveiled plans to launch its beta search engine to speed users to relevant results. Built out of frustration using traditional search interfaces, ubExact attempts to simplify and rebuild the Web into a user-centric library. ubExact serves users with a fast, intuitive and simple way to search based on user behavior/actions, geo-targeted metro service areas (MSAs) and direct navigation to desired brands -- a combination of features no other search can claim. This horizontal navigation architecture also protects user search privacy. ubExact plans to go live the first week of September.

ubExact builds trust with users by cutting through irrelevant content and providing search options based on keyword matches that are aligned with what users are thinking. ubExact's ability to organize content by action, coupled with its direct navigation methodology (the way users get to a specific website using their browser address bar rather than using a search engine, directory, or clicking on a link from another site) will drastically improve result relevance, content localization, micro-targeting, speed, organization and ease of search results. ubExact's human-edited content seeks to eliminate dead links, spam, unwanted ads, as well as alert users to unanticipated requests for credit card and registration info.

"ubExact is a smarter way for people to search and companies to advertise," said Wilhelmina Stephenson, Founder and CEO of ubExact. "The world has yet to see a search engine do for the Web what the iPod has done for accessing music -- providing ease, convenience and speed. ubExact is a user-centric search that directly navigates users to quality, relevant results, while providing advertisers with cost-effective, geo-targeted advertising opportunities with much higher ROI capabilities. We are excited about our upcoming beta launch."

A recent blog by Jeremy Crane of Compete states there are roughly 7.5 billion search queries performed each month by the U.S. Online Population, representing about 736 million different people. Only about 1/3 of all searches end in a referral, meaning 66% of users do not click on any of the results presented. If this is true, advertisers are getting a small overall ROI with limited options to increase it. While user frustration continues to heighten, as search result sets return with even more pages of disorganized, irrelevant results, the USC Center for the Digital Future found that only 52% of users trusted the information from search engines in 2007, down from 62% in 2006. For 2007, 49% of users trusted Google's results.

"While we know at launch our indexes will be limited, we will continue to increase these weekly," added Ms. Stephenson. "Our hope is that users will see the benefits of what our technology can do, and will help us propagate content with the links that are important to them. In fact, the user community is encouraged to participate in our Submit-A-Link(s) program so other users can benefit from their Web-wisdom. Users who want to be notified for a sneak peak prior to launch, can sign up on our website."

Addressing User and Advertiser Frustrations

ubExact deals with user and advertiser frustrations head on. Users are frustrated with the time and hassle of wading through pages of search results that don't take them exactly where they want to go. Algorithmic search engine results are too broad, disorganized, not user-friendly, and filled with spam, unwanted ads and dead links. Traditional search engines are also using their algorithms to build relevance at the expense of user privacy. Search advertisers are battling fiercely for priority position by purchasing scores of keyword terms in an effort to maximize search engine optimization, which does not always reap visibility with desired audiences. This extreme competitive climate and irrelevant clutter within search engine advertising limits a brand from reaching key audiences, and its ability to speak for itself.

About ubExact

Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL., ubExact delivers relevant search results in the simplest and quickest way possible. ubExact organizes content by actions, eliminates spam and unwanted ads, simplifies search session history tracking, provides enhanced user alerts, and helps users discover related results that like-minded users find meaningful. ubExact offers tailored results and ad opportunities to specific searching communities and geographic markets that span from global to metro service areas (MSAs) and delivers relevant audiences to advertisers. ubExact's horizontal architecture and features are patent-pending and highly scalable to support technical advancements, including the move towards voice recognition technology and mobile search. For more information, visit, or contact (954) 812-0876 or

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