CHANTILLY, VA--(Marketwire - August 14, 2008) - Meridian Knowledge Solutions LLC, a provider of enterprise learning and knowledge management software, has licensed its learning management system (LMS) software to Memphis, Tenn.-headquartered AutoZone, Inc. to help the company improve the delivery and administration of professional training programs. AutoZone is the leading retailer -- and a leading distributor -- of auto parts and accessories in the United States. AutoZone has more than 4,000 employees in 48 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The company also has 130 stores in Mexico.

Once AutoZone puts Meridian's LMS into service, the auto parts retailer believes it can tap the software to improve the way:

-- employees, known as "AutoZoners," deliver advice to customers;

-- managers evaluate the results of training; and,

-- trainers develop and report on learning.

"We believe the LMS will give AutoZoners a single place to turn for reliable and accurate training, which will help them quickly deliver the best advice to our customers," said Anita Mills, manager of Training & Development at AutoZone. "Trustworthy advice is what our customers have grown to expect from AutoZone, and we feel Meridian's LMS will give AutoZoners an easier way to tap into our accumulated know-how."

One way that AutoZone aims to streamline training is by providing new hires with access to the LMS. For example, when the LMS is installed, AutoZone will give new employees one, online location to access a prescribed "learning path" that teaches each newly hired AutoZoner basics such as customer service, sales techniques and managing inventory. After completing the training program, new hires would be considered "AutoZone Certified."

The Meridian LMS will help AutoZoners keep tabs on their job-related certifications and licenses. The LMS will also allow AutoZoners to develop personalized training profiles in either English or Spanish.

"The training profiles that employees can create with our LMS are not unlike the kind of social networking profiles that people build to catalog their accomplishments, certifications and awards," said Roy Haythorn, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Meridian. "Our LMS profiles help employees take charge of their professional and on-the-job education and give managers a quick and easy way to assess their workers' skills and know-how."

"We still intend to offer a mix of online and classroom training, but the LMS will help us eliminate certain types of printed training that can be better done over the web," said Mills. "Building a better learning experience for AutoZoners will ensure customers continue to get the advice they trust. And we feel our new LMS will help us create that experience."

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