SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - September 9, 2008) - AMREL announces the release of their new High Voltage Power Products at Autotestcon 2008. "Customer Driven" by a growing demand for elevated power tests (both higher voltage and higher currents) of new hybrid and power electronics/components, AMREL is reshaping the test and measurement industry. AMREL, pioneers in development of high-power, high-voltage and high-current dc electronic loads (eLoad) and dc power supplies (ePower), is proud to announce the release of several new 800Vdc and 1000Vdc eLoad and ePower Models. These power levels range from 100's of Watts to 100's of Kilowatts and can be custom-tailored to meet specific application demands.

Both 800Vdc and 1000Vdc eLoads are available in Air-cooled (PLA) or Water-cooled (PLW) versions. The PLA models come in 1.5kW, 3kW, 5kW and 7.5kW power ratings. The PLW eLoads are offered in 12kW, 24kW, 36kW power ratings. Higher powers are available for both the PLA and PLW Series up to 100's of kWs.

In addition to offering the broadest line of Electronic Loads, AMREL features its "tailor your eLoad" service, adding flexibility and value to our customers.

AMREL has designed compactness and power density into these 800Vdc and 1000Vdc eLoads, without sacrificing reliability and performance. An 18kW/1000Vdc PLW eLoad takes only 2U of rack space. Still it is packed with features such as closed-case calibration, 16-bit design, field-enabled Ethernet/USB, and PC-controlled Virtual Panel. The eLoad is perfect for ATE, Engineering, Design, Testing and Production environments.

Complementing the 800Vdc and 1000Vdc eLoad models, AMREL's SPS/HPS ePower power supplies offer 800Vdc and 1000Vdc models for power ratings ranging from 1.2kW to 150kW+. Along with the wide selection of models, the SPS/HPS boast unique features such as 1) Keypad and Encoder for flexible local control, 2) Vlist/Ilist auto-sequencing for simple automation, 3) in-field firmware upgrades to update to the latest and greatest features, 4) MPPT power tracking for PV inverter testing and 5) LabVIEW/LabWindows Drivers. The combination of features, high performance and wide-selection has been customer-driven.

Please visit AMREL's booth #912 at Autotestcon 2008, or go to for more information on AMREL's new 800Vdc and 1000Vdc dc programmable power products, e-mail or call 800 654-9838 to speak with an AMREL engineer to tailor your solution today. We at AMREL appreciate your consideration and business.

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