AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - September 9, 2008) - Intrinsity, Inc. announced it has signed an agreement with the System LSI division of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in advanced semiconductor technology, to develop high performance, low power processors using the Intrinsity Fast14 technology.

"Our Fast14 technology delivers both significantly higher operating frequencies with lower power consumption compared to conventional synthesized static logic technologies. We feel that Fast14 technology will play an increasing role in fast, low power design in the future," said Bob Russo, Intrinsity CEO. "Partnering with Samsung in this program not only allows us to combine efforts of some of the finest design teams in the industry, but also affords us access to some of the most advanced silicon process technology available today."

Fast14 technology combines 1-of-N Domino Logic (NDL), custom and semicustom static logic, high-speed memory technology, specialized low-power design techniques and a design automation platform to deliver the best available combination of speed, power and silicon area. Additionally, since Fast14 technology integrates seamlessly with conventional design styles, highly sophisticated SoCs (systems-on-a chip) can be rapidly built to serve a broad array of market needs at optimized performance/power operating points.

"Samsung is recognized as a technology leader in almost every market in which we participate. Intrinsity's technology and team will help us stay several steps ahead in high speed, low-power design," said Sung Bae Park, vice president, Samsung Electronics' System LSI Division. "We feel that Samsung and Intrinsity bring highly complementary skills and technologies to the table, and together we can accelerate our progress in advancing the state of the art."

About Intrinsity

Intrinsity, Inc. is a design technology company that provides the designs, tools, technologies, and expertise so its customers can efficiently and predictably produce high performance, low-power and cost-effective products. Intrinsity's proprietary Fast14 technology is used to create FastCore embedded cores, which provide not only circuit speeds of up to and beyond 3 GHz, but also the means to trade-off speed, power and area to achieve the optimal solution to customer design targets. Fast14 technology includes a combination of process specific libraries, circuit technologies, specification languages and a set of tools that help automate the design flow. Intrinsity's corporate headquarters are located in Austin, Texas.

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