BELTSVILLE, MD--(Marketwire - September 11, 2008) - BioServe today announced a more affordable pricing plan for its vast bank of DNA with comprehensive, de-identified, covariate data that includes age, gender, diet, body mass index (BMI), and race. In addition, each sample has data on the complete diagnostic and treatment history of the donor. BioServe's DNA represents a wide range of disease states including cancers (breast, prostate, lung, colon, others), diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, obesity, as well as some rarer diseases. The repository also includes over 14,000 control subjects that are free of major illnesses. DNA is available in quantities from a few nanograms to hundreds of micrograms per subject to suit customer needs. Customized DNA panels and case-control studies can be designed based upon the investigators' needs, taking into consideration the specific data points available for each individual DNA sample. Another useful function of these DNAs is for investigators to utilize them as second group of samples to validate data generated from their studies.

"We are making high-quality DNA available at price points that are affordable to any research laboratory during these tough budgetary times," stated Kevin Krenitsky MD, Chief Executive Officer of BioServe. "This will result in many more investigators who will be able to perform their research using very well annotated DNA samples. Experiments with these DNAs can be executed both in the investigators' own lab, and/or at BioServe with a large variety of genomic platforms that are currently utilized. We also welcome collaborations that can make access even more affordable," said Dr. Krenitsky.

BioServe's DNA is obtained from human subjects that provided informed consent with strict IRB and HIPAA compliance. BioServe has obtained informed consent, detailed questionnaire data and DNA from over 120,000 subjects.

About BioServe

BioServe is a leader in the processing, development, and validation of diagnostic tests for the practice of personalized, predictive and preventive medicine. Leading pharma, biotech and diagnostic firms collaborate with BioServe to identify and validate markers that cause disease while correlating clinical and molecular data to develop new diagnostic tests, promoting wellness around the world. BioServe offers the Global Repository®, a growing library of over 600,000 human DNA, tissue and serum samples linked to detailed clinical and demographic data from more than 120,000 consented and de-identified patients from four continents. Leveraging BioServe's robust genomic analytical services, processing technology, Global Repository and CLIA-certified laboratory, collaborators gain a complete, highly-efficient platform for obtaining diagnostic test results and identifying genomic markers for powerful new assays. BioServe has headquarters in Beltsville, MD and Hyderabad, India. For more information please visit or call 301-470-3362.

Contact Information: Contacts: Kevin Krenitsky Chief Executive Officer BioServe 301-470-3362