MARLBOROUGH, MA--(Marketwire - September 11, 2008) - Workscape, Inc., a leading provider of outsourced benefits and talent management solutions, today announced significant achievements for the first half of 2008, including new and renewed client agreements, a number of strategic new management hires, and successful implementations of its strategic workforce solutions.

Since 1999, Workscape has developed business-critical human resource solutions that enable organizations to manage their two largest workforce expenditures: employee benefits and performance-driven compensation. As a result, customers rely upon Workscape's award-winning solutions to support more than 3,000,000 workers in more than 100 organizations located in 180 countries, including 32 Fortune 500 companies and 15 of the Global 500.

Workscape Welcomes New Clients

Among new customers adopting Workscape's outsourced benefits administration (OBA) offering are: Fujitsu America, Inc., which provides administrative and financial support to Fujitsu North American companies and Acosta Inc., North America's leading sales, marketing and service company for consumer packaged goods manufacturers. Other new customers include the world's leading multi-brand interactive commerce network.

The first half of 2008 also witnessed Workscape's successful renewal of many OBA contracts, as well as a number of expanded service agreements with existing clients, such as a company that develops and manufactures information technologies; a leading global healthcare products company; and the operator of two of the world's largest rental car providers.

Organizations signing on in 2008 to use Workscape's award-winning talent management offerings are Cisco and a worldwide diversified entertainment company. A global business and IT consulting company will use the Workscape Express application for its integrated, Web-based suite of compensation planning and performance management capabilities. Other companies renewing their multi-year talent management solution agreements include a leading global technology services company; the world's largest provider of merchant processing services; the worldwide leader in pharmaceutical services; and a financial services provider for the U.S. military personnel and their families.

In addition to the new client agreements, several organizations activated their Workscape HR solutions during the first half of 2008 including an international book seller for Workscape's outsourced benefits administration offering; a global leader in healthcare, lighting and consumer lifestyle and the world leader in mobility for Workscape's talent management solutions.

New Alliances, Product Enhancements Drive Growth

Workscape has released several product enhancements and upgrades since the beginning of the year. These include a new version of its award-winning talent management suite -- which has garnered 92% customer adoption on the SaaS (software-as-a-service) delivery model -- adding GroupManager functionality, as well as enhanced compensation planning productivity through an updated Adobe Flex-based user interface. The company also released new versions of its enterprise Compensation Planner and Performance Manager talent management solutions, which enable tighter integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) companies like SAP, Oracle/PeopleSoft and Lawson.

In June, Workscape announced an alliance with ConnectYourCare, a top-ranked Consumer-Directed Healthcare (CDH) account platform provider, to offer the first integrated CDH benefits platform in the marketplace. By incorporating ConnectYourCare's CDH administration technology into Workscape's existing benefits platform, large employers can continue to use their own health plans for claims processing, while providing a superior customer experience for health-related service point-of-purchase ease and flexibility.

Strategic Additions for Fast-Growing Company

As Workscape continues to take advantage of the ever-increasing market demand for its solutions, several new professionals joined Workscape between January and June 2008. They include: Tony Marzulli, Chief Marketing Officer; John Miele, Vice President of Service Operations for the OBA Business Unit; and Chris O'Grady, Vice President of Sales for the Talent Management Unit. The company will look to these leaders to build on the momentum achieved in 2007 and the first half of 2008.

"Workscape remains focused on being responsive to our clients' HR and business needs to make 2008 another year of exceptional innovation and profitable growth," said Tim Clifford, president and CEO of Workscape. "Our new clients, as well as our existing clients who have renewed or expanded their relationships with us, are further validation of our approach and the value our outsourced benefits administration and talent management solutions deliver. As Workscape celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2009, we are well positioned to garner an even greater percentage of the HR applications market that, according to industry analysts, will grow to $8.8 billion next year."

About Workscape Outsourced Benefits Administration (OBA)

Featuring powerful, easy-to-use technology, Workscape's OBA offerings include benefit manager analytics for plan management, rapid plan design change management, and an integrated WebMD content and application to inform employees of personal health and benefit decision options. At the heart of Workscape OBA is a 24x7 U.S.-based HR Service Center staffed by experienced benefits professionals.

About Workscape On-Demand Talent Management Suite

Workscape's award-winning, multi-lingual compensation solution helps customers manage more than $100 billion in compensation, streamlines compensation cycles, ensures consistency and fairness, and empowers managers to pay-for-performance while adhering to corporate guidelines and budgets. The company's performance management solution has managed more than one million performance ratings, automating the performance management process and fully aligning goals, competencies, results and compensation throughout customers' organizations. Both products are delivered via the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, can be deployed individually or fully leverage Workscape's integrated Web-based platform and are now also available in Express versions for mid-sized companies.

About Workscape

Workscape is a leading provider of business-critical HR solutions that enable hundreds of organizations to manage their two largest workforce expenditures: employee benefits and performance-driven compensation. Workscape's offerings share a common technology platform, can be readily integrated with existing IT investments, serve millions of employees, and are scalable and configurable to meet the distinct requirements of organizations ranging from 2,000 to over 400,000 employees. One client uses the company's award-winning multi-lingual compensation solution to compensate hundreds of thousands of employees across 70 countries. Workscape's outsourced benefits administration offerings are backed by U.S.-based 24/7 support for managers and employees on policies and processes. For more information about Workscape, visit or call (888) 605-9620.