ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - September 15, 2008) - ASIS -- VideoIQ® today announced general availability of the VideoIQ iCVR™, the world's first intelligent surveillance Camera with built in DVR. VideoIQ has built advanced analytics, content-aware storage, object search, and intelligent networking into state-of-the-art IP cameras and encoders, which are redefining how IP surveillance works. At beta customer sites, the VideoIQ iCVR demonstrated the ability to solve the bandwidth and storage problems that plague traditional network cameras, while turning video into a proactive security solution. Organizations including MITRE, a tenant at the Port of Long Beach and Berkshire Schools were among the over two dozen beta customers that successfully deployed the VideoIQ iCVR for a range of applications serving to provide early warning, security protection and incident investigation.

"The VideoIQ iCVR goes far beyond conventional surveillance solutions. We started by trying the iCVR in place of CCTV, but we quickly learned it was capable of so much more. From people detection to crowd detection to monitoring direction of travel, the iCVR is truly an entire surveillance system inside a camera," said Derek Harvey, Facilities Engineering, MITRE.

Supporting a Wide Range of Applications

Beta customers used the iCVR for numerous applications including:

--  Perimeter Protection -- Major urban auto dealerships, long-term
    parking lots and transport sites benefitted from the iCVR's ability to
    monitor the perimeter of their site for persons coming over a fence or
    vehicles attempting to enter through unmanned exit gates. The VideoIQ iCVR
    alerted remote guards when access to the secured area was not gained via
    authorized entry points.
--  Unmanned Site Protection -- The iCVR was used at construction sites
    during periods of time where no activity was generally occurring at the
    site. VideoIQ's analytics allowed for the operator to specify time of day
    options when rules should be in effect. While such sites are often unmanned
    making object detection theoretically simple, they are also outdoors, where
    wildlife and weather conditions will cause rampant false alarms and missed
    events with all other analytics products.  The iCVR's intelligent bandwidth
    throttling allowed for these sites to be monitored via wireless broadband
    networks, reducing setup time and negating the need for costly T1
--  Direction of Travel -- MITRE was among the beta customers to use the
    iCVR to detect when vehicles or people were moving in a prohibited
    direction. Leveraging the ability to dynamically detect objects moving
    against the expected traffic flow allowed customers to uncover potential
    threats, and quickly respond to potential problem behavior.
--  Excess Object Monitoring -- iCVR cameras were deployed at a hospital
    facility to monitor access doors to a high security area.  By looking for
    multiple persons appearing in a small ROI (region of interest), potential
    tailgaters into the secure area were quickly identified.
--  Object Search -- All sites benefitted from the ability to quickly
    search and locate alarm events, and search for appearances of specific
    suspects on multiple cameras at their location.  VideoIQ Click-and-
    Search™ capability is unique to the iCVR and reduces forensic event
    investigation duration by 10x and more.  Several sites, including the
    Berkshire Union Free School District, commented that the ability to quickly
    find where a perpetrator entered or exited a property allowed for their
    security teams to be more responsive and provide a higher degree of safety
    to their guests or customers.

According to Gregory Pasos, director of technology of Berkshire, "Using the iCVR, we are looking to increase safety for students and staff while increasing network efficiency. In particular, we love the Click and Search feature which saves a great deal of time when investigating incidents."

"We are extremely pleased with the positive customer feedback we have received on the iCVR's performance," said Scott Schnell, president and CEO, VideoIQ, Inc. "Customers are successfully using the iCVR in a wide range of applications to meet their security challenges, demonstrating the iCVR is the most accurate, efficient and cost-effective surveillance solution for protecting critical assets."

About VideoIQ

VideoIQ, Inc. is the technology leader in intelligent video surveillance solutions. VideoIQ uses superior analytics to transform video surveillance into a dynamic, real-time system that delivers early warning of security breaches, fast appearance-match video search, and new levels of video quality, network and storage efficiency. The VideoIQ iCVR is the industry's first intelligent Camera with Video Recording -- with advanced video analytic detection and search, content-aware storage and intelligent networking embedded inside a state of the art security camera. Additionally, the VideoIQ HD family of video analyzers delivers the industry's best detection accuracy for conventional analog cameras of all types, requiring human response only when a real event takes place. The company is backed by top-tier investors Atlas Venture, Lehman Brothers and Matrix Partners. Learn more at

Contact Information: Press Contact: Donna M. Murno InkHouse (for VideoIQ) P: 781.916.9090, ext. 804