BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - September 16, 2008) - NelsonHall, the leading independent BPO analyst firm, today announced the availability of its latest research entitled "Targeting Learning BPO," authored by Helen Neale, Lead HR Outsourcing Analyst at NelsonHall. This report provides a comprehensive assessment of learning BPO services globally and recommendations for providers addressing this market.

Neale commented, "Learning is becoming an ever-more exciting place as organizations look to transform their learning strategies to combat challenges in retaining talent and to address the needs of the next generation of learners."

Learning BPO providers are embracing eLearning, with over 50% of courses now delivered through this medium; however, the most interesting development in the marketplace over the last 12 months has been the increase in focus on the development of mobile learning content, and the use of virtual classroom technology.

Neale observes, "Providers are looking to address their client requirements for remote and just-in-time learning. Mobile devices, such as iPhones, are increasingly seen as tools for engaging with a mobile workforce and dispersed customer base. Virtual classroom technology provides an extension of this, with organizations able to reach out globally to train without the associated facility, logistics and cost headaches."

Though employee learning is still the mainstay of learning BPO relationships, according to NelsonHall over a quarter of revenues generated within the sector are from extended enterprise relationships that is revenues generated from client customer and channel partner training.

Neale comments, "Training the organization's key employees remains vital in our highly competitive environment, but impacted by the credit crunch, organizations are increasingly investing some of their training dollars in individuals that really impact the bottom line across their wider value chain. Extending the function of a learning department to encompass training for customers and partners, helps to maximize the impact of the learning spend and makes good economic sense."

For example, Raytheon Professional Services has been a pioneer of extended enterprise training, with the company managing the training of a U.S.-based automotive manufacturing company's franchises for over 15 years. Other LBPO vendors are now following suit and targeting growth within this segment.

NelsonHall's "Targeting Learning BPO" report is available now. For more information about accessing this report and NelsonHall's HR Outsourcing subject matter experts, please contact the following NelsonHall representative:

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