DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - September 17, 2008) - -- an online community for aspiring writers to engage, encourage and appraise each other's work -- is thrilled to announce the 2nd place winner of their Author Launch Contest, Raymond Springer and his debut novel SOLON. This Army veteran & Michigan Deputy Sheriff had a serious story to tell, and few writers of his unique niche have filled the page with more confidence and eloquence. With a profound understanding of religion, the Midwest and law, Springer's imagination sprung forth with an almost Olympic invention.

In SOLON, Springer seamlessly weaves together a tale so suspenseful, so riveting and so intricate, that he single handedly establishes himself -- in one fell swoop -- as one of the most engaging, imaginative, and promising writers of our time. A supernatural thriller -- set against the backdrop of a severely threatened and damaged Detroit -- our psychically gifted hero Dr. Raymond High is called upon to aid in solving a slew of crimes that unfold in unmentionable and metaphysical proportions. To give anything more away would be to deprive the reader of a first class creative experience, but rest assure: Images of murder, mayhem, a secret society, the very future and foundation of Christianity and an Antichrist archetype, abound!

Raymond Springer is already cranking out a series of short stories and a second novel. He lives in Michigan where he lives and writes. A family man as conscientious as he is creative, this proud father of five has made a splashing debut, with a work of epic storytelling in SOLON. WritingRoom continues to maintain its formidable mark!

SOLON is published by SOLON will be available in the PublishingRoom bookstore and online at Amazon and BN September 2008.

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