SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - October 13, 2008) - Infoblox Inc. today announced that Norwegian-based Telenor Cinclus AS, one of Europe's largest suppliers of automatic meter readers, has deployed Infoblox appliances for the delivery of core network services, including external and internal domain name resolution (DNS), IP address assignment and management (DHCP/IPAM) and Remote Access Dial-in User Services (RADIUS).

Telenor Cinclus AS is a partly owned subsidiary of Telenor, the largest telecommunications company in the Nordic region. Telenor Cinclus provides a complete product solution from physical meter reading and communication equipment for households to the backend operating systems. Although based in Norway, Telenor Cinclus serves customers throughout Europe.

Prior to Infoblox, Telenor Cinclus was using an outsourced solution to deliver key core network services. This was difficult to manage and scale and left Telenor Cinclus little control over the IP address space. Telenor Cinclus needed a more dynamic, manageable and purpose-built solution to provide IP addresses to its terminals. Infoblox proved to be a perfect fit with its integrated DNS and DHCP systems that have built in high availability and IP address management features.

"With customers throughout Norway and EMEA, we needed a scalable solution that could handle our large and diverse customer base. Infoblox provided a redundant solution for all of our core network solutions, including RADIUS, DHCP, DNS and IPAM," said Roar Sollie, Senior Systems Engineer of Telenor Cinclus. "The replacement of our previous system by the Infoblox appliances proved to be both smart and cost efficient. We estimate our return on investment using Infoblox will be less than 18 months."

Telenor Cinclus is now using the Infoblox-2000 hardware platform designed for deployment in data centers, large enterprises and service provider environments. The Infoblox-2000 serves more than 75,000 DNS requests per second and 750 DHCP leases per second, providing the capacity and performance required for the most demanding applications.

With their highly reliable, secure and centrally managed core network services infrastructure in place, Telenor Cinclus is looking to Infoblox for help with the launch of their mobile infrastructure.

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