MOFFETT FIELD, CA--(Marketwire - October 14, 2008) - Apprion, the leader in providing open, integrated industrial wireless systems for manufacturers, today announced the release of the Apprion ION Wireless Audio application. The Apprion ION Wireless Audio is an integrated solution that delivers quick, easy and cost-effective compliance with employee safety requirements and site security mandates. The ION Wireless Audio application includes an Audio IONizer and industrial-grade amplified speakers designed to produce crisp, clear tones, digital voice messages and live public address in harsh industrial environments with high ambient noise levels.

In addition to regulatory-driven applications, the ION Wireless Audio application enables several wireless solutions that are core to plant operations and productivity such as voice communications, start and dismissal, public address and process control signaling.

"Most industrial facilities have had the same communications infrastructure for more than twenty years. At best these are technically obsolete, in need of replacement, and are not capable of supporting current and future communications needs. At worst, they could fail when they are needed most," said Mike Bradley, Apprion's CEO and President. "With Apprion's ION Wireless Audio application, industrial users can now cost-effectively deploy a state-of-the-art communications infrastructure that addresses current safety and security compliance requirements while improving overall communications and productivity."

Apprion's ION Wireless Audio application consists of 4 key components:

--  Apprion Audio IONizer -- Industrial wireless network appliance
    enables connection of all wireless devices in the network to the ION
--  ION Audio Manager -- Software for system configuration and
--  ION Audio I-Kit -- Provides power and SIP-enabled VoIP interface.
--  ION Speakers -- Plant-wide warning and voice communication speakers.

The ION Wireless Audio is designed to support a wide range of communications applications including support for local voice communications across an industrial campus, broadcasting messages to specific teams or individuals, and general broadcast communications of critical safety and security information.

Engineered to address the harsh demands of industrial environments, the ION Wireless Audio components are available rated for ruggedized NEMA 4X environments or for more hazardous areas Class One/Division Two (ATEX Zone Two) certified components are also available.

Availability and Pricing

The Apprion ION Wireless Audio application is available immediately. Contact Apprion at for pricing.

About the ION System

Apprion's ION System enables industrial facilities to cost-effectively deploy and manage multiple wireless applications as one unified, integrated system. The ION System consists of the Apprion IONosphere and IONizers. The IONosphere is an on-site network appliance that manages data services, workflow, security, monitoring and maintenance, and 3rd party application integration across wireless plant networks. Apprion's IONizer is the process industry's first industrial-grade, multi-RF, wireless network appliance. IONizers are designed to cost-effectively integrate and secure previously standalone wireless-enabled applications, such as VoIP and condition monitoring. To read full product details, visit

About Apprion

Industrial Wireless is our world. Apprion is dedicated to providing industrial facilities with the most reliable and secure wireless networks, applications, and services available. Apprion's ION System is an open, standards-based wireless infrastructure that allows plants to drive performance and lower operational costs with industrial-grade security, reliability, and scalability. Apprion's mission is to make sure that your plant's wireless is on... always on... guaranteed.

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