MONTREAL--(Marketwire - October 15, 2008) - Stingray Digital (, parent company of The Karaoke Channel, has expanded the reach of its cable television offerings into the social Web with the debut of The Karaoke Channel Online (, which allows users both free and paid premium access to the industry's most robust online karaoke offering, which includes features such as social sharing, user profiles and ratings, and access to the largest catalog of karaoke songs fully licensed in the world.

The Karaoke Channel is already the dominant player in the cable television market for karaoke, with a presence in over 30 million households and the #2 spot among all VOD offerings. Stingray also owns the world's largest karaoke catalog, which it licenses to film, television and game producers, as well as a music on demand business that has a presence in 6.7 million homes.

The Karaoke Channel Online debuts its service today with streaming free access to 100 popular karaoke songs, ranging from Amy Winehouse's recent hit "Rehab" to classic offerings by The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, the B-52s, Elvis Presley and more. The basic service is free and lets users record, store and share with friends their own personal audio recordings of these 100 hits, as well as participate in popularity contests, user ranking services and other benefits.

The free service is just the tip of the iceberg, however. The Karaoke Channel Online is immediately making available the most thorough, paid premium online service available in three configurations:

(1) $9.95 per month subscription for unlimited access to Stingray's
    catalog of more than 5,000 songs with on-screen interactive lyrics,
    including songs in multiple languages, including French, Spanish and

(2) $14.95 one-time, unlimited access license for 24 hours, which is
    perfect for karaoke parties and events.

(3) $99.95 annual subscription, which includes unlimited access plus a
    free microphone kit.

"This new service allows consumers, for the first time, to be able to hold a professional-sounding karaoke party powered by one's own PC or laptop computer," said Alexandre Taillefer, CEO of Stingray Digital. "This saves both the cost and inconvenience of buying or renting a standalone karaoke machine and hundreds of CDs to achieve the same effect now possible through our service."

"Karaoke is really the original mash-up format," Taillefer continued. "We believe the rapid rise of YouTube and other social sharing applications have shown today's consumer is increasingly interested in creating and sharing quality content with their friends, as well as the world. Our service allows consumers to legally and reliably create and share professional sounding karaoke from the comfort of one's PC."

About Stingray Digital Media Group

Stingray Digital is a leader in interactive music distribution, with the world's largest licensed karaoke library and dominant VOD and music on demand businesses across multiple platforms. Stingray was founded by seasoned new media entrepreneurs and is financially backed by Telesystem and Novacap. Headquartered in Montreal, Stingray has more than 50 employees and additional offices in Charlotte, Los Angeles and Budapest.

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