LOS ALTOS, CA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2008) - Liquid Computing, developer of the world's first fully converged communications and computing platform, today announced the Data Center Excellence Executive Leadership Report Series, a framework providing executives with an approach to align the investment and support of their data centers into their organization's overall strategic planning and objectives.

As part of Liquid Computing's ongoing effort to educate the industry on the merits of converged communications, computing and storage, the leadership series will provide executives with a clear understanding of the business ramifications of the evolving data center. Designed to reveal the pillars of a framework for deriving greater value from data center investments, the reports will tie the operational aspects of building, running, and growing a data center to the strategic goals of the business.

"Data center costs were spiraling out of control even before the current economic crisis challenged companies to figure out how to grow and stay competitive in the face of tighter budgets," said Greg McElheran, CEO of Liquid Computing. "The answer is to completely rethink how the data center gets built, and the Data Center Excellence Executive Leadership Report Series will explain in business terms how a converged communications, computing and storage platform transforms the data center cost structure by requiring dramatically less hardware while delivering significantly greater simplicity and reliability."

This series of executive level reports will be released on a regular basis beginning with this newly released "Business Drivers for Data Center Excellence" foundation report. Supporting pillar report topics and the release schedule is noted below. To view the reports please visit the Liquid Computing knowledge portal at http://liquidcomputing.com/excellence.php.

--  The Business Drivers for Data Center Excellence (Foundation Document),
    Available Now
--  Pillar Documents:
    --  Data Center Virtualization: December, 2008
    --  Business Continuity: January, 2009
    --  The Green Data Center: February, 2009
    --  The Mobile Data Center: March, 2009
    --  Return on Investment from the Dynamic Data Center: April, 2009
    --  Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the Flexible Data Center:
        May, 2009

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Liquid Computing has delivered a new generation of IT infrastructure that is transforming the traditional server and switch configurations commonplace in data centers. LiquidIQ, the world's first fully converged communications and computing platform, provides flexible pools of computing, networking and switching resources and makes data center IT infrastructure easy to manage. For more information, visit www.liquidcomputing.com.

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