PARIS--(Marketwire - October 16, 2008) - A key benefit of Complex Event Processing (CEP) is the ability of companies to rapidly respond to potential problems or take advantage of emerging opportunities. TIBCO BusinessEvents™ detects business behaviors, provides contextual insight to help companies mitigate risk and generate additional profits. Companies can set TIBCO BusinessEvents to act automatically on opportunities to increase customer satisfaction, build loyalty, sell more products and increase efficiency. Unlike many traditional CEP solutions that focus on a limited scope of problems and uses, TIBCO BusinessEvents continues to benefit multiple industry segments and applications.

Air France-KLM which is the largest airline group worldwide in terms of revenue, largest airline worldwide for cargo (in revenue ton-kms) and the leader in Europe in terms of market share, with 104,600 employees and 74.8 million passengers is one example:

"As part of keeping its SOA infrastructure maturity at the best possible level, the Air France-KLM Group has selected TIBCO BusinessEvents for event management and routing," said Christophe Astier, Chief IT Architect at Air France.

With the launch of TIBCO BusinessEvents 3.0, TIBCO marks another year as the undisputed leader in CEP software with over 40 percent market share -- which is more than twice the closest competitor and 52 percent year-over-year growth according to a the most recent IDC Study.(1)

"Vendors that are serious about providing platforms for event-driven systems must have best-of-breed capabilities for predictability, the ability to manage high levels of complexity at ultra fast speeds and interoperability with all styles of CEP," according to Maureen Fleming, director of IDC's BPM and middleware research program. "Perhaps more importantly, CEP platforms must also support the experts skilled at identifying risk and opportunity patterns without forcing these experts to learn how to program."

TIBCO BusinessEvents 3.0 Adds Revolutionary New Features:

--  Decision Manager: New business user Interface provides simpler access
    for business users to write rules in their domains of expertise.
--  Events Stream Processing: BusinessEvents query language allows you to
    continuously query event streams in real-time and take immediate action.
--  Distributed BusinessEvents: Distributed cache and rules engine that
    provides practically unlimited scalability letting you monitor twice the
    magnitude of events previously possible.

"TIBCO BusinessEvents allows companies to harness the business behaviors of their smartest employees and automatically scale their best practices across the entire organization. This provides unique insights that enable businesses to see opportunities and act on them immediately," said Ram Menon, executive vice president, worldwide marketing at TIBCO. "Think of it as instant expertise -- it enables your top performing two percent of employees to be digitally distributed across the entire organization."

TIBCO BusinessEvents Enterprise Suite is available immediately. To learn more about TIBCO's CEP, SOA and BPM solutions, visit TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) at:


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