DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - October 16, 2008) - Storage Networking World -- Ocarina Networks today announced that it will implement its content-aware compression and deduplication for primary storage to optimize the storage capacity of the HP family of Scalable Network Attached Storage (NAS) platforms, including the HP StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage System (ExDS9100).

Ocarina's software stack for HP Scalable NAS offerings includes content-aware deduplication for primary storage, content-aware compression, as well as ECOsnap content-aware snapshots, allowing a customer to use the HP Scalable NAS offerings as a massive time-sequenced repository with as much as 200:1 data reduction over time. The resulting solution will include features unique for HP Scalable NAS products, including time-sequenced snapshots, metadata acceleration, and a global namespace that allows multiple HP Scalable NAS platforms to look like one larger pool of storage.

Ocarina is a leader in building storage features that use data reduction to deliver complete capacity optimized storage. In customer implementations, Ocarina's storage optimization technology has helped customers store ten times more data on storage they already own. Ocarina's award-winning self-optimizing, content-aware dedupe solution will support HP Scalable NAS products, offering customers comparable improvements in storage efficiency on a single integrated platform.

HP StorageWorks NAS is part of the Ocarina ECOsphere, Ocarina's optimized storage partner program for combining Ocarina technologies with partner storage offerings to create capacity optimized storage solutions for customers.

"Ocarina's content-aware offerings coupled with the HP Extreme Data Storage solution represents a major step forward in addressing storage needs for online and digital media businesses," said Murli Thirumale, CEO of Ocarina Networks. "The combination of our primary storage dedupe and compression solution with HP's ExDS9100 forms a true capacity optimized Scalable NAS solution."

Integrated Platform Nails Dedupe for Primary Data

Unstructured data -- rich media files, email, compound business documents and PDF files -- pose a problem for simple dedupe solutions. Ocarina's content-aware solution is able to achieve results on these and other image-rich file types where traditional dedupe may disappoint. As a result, Ocarina is able to address the capacity optimized storage needs of markets like large Web 2.0 sites, seismic archives for oil/gas companies, image archives for healthcare, post-production graphics for movie studios and game developers, as well as the needs of the broad file/print marketplace.

Ocarina's compression solution, which can run directly on up to all 16 blades of an HP ExDS9100 storage platform, offers up to 10:1 in initial data reduction on already compressed file types that are driving massive storage growth. When running Ocarina ECOsnap to create a time-sequenced repository, data reduction can climb to as much as 200:1.

"While data deduplication has transformed the way that backups are made and stored, the benefits of data reduction for archival and primary data could be significant as well," said Dave Russell, research vice president at Gartner. "The marketplace is ready for solutions that use data reduction techniques to address the capacity issues of all types of data. The idea of compression and dedupe integrated directly into the storage is one that many customers are going to find compelling."

The Ocarina-HP StorageWorks NAS Solution

Ocarina's technology will deliver three features for HP's Extreme Data Storage platform:

--  Ocarina ECOsnap: This time-sequenced hyper-compressed repository
    snapshot feature means users can keep a once-a-day snapshot of all their
    files for as much as ten years worth of data in a very small storage
    footprint. ECOsnap can extend Ocarina's 10:1 data reduction on the first
    snap of a set of files to up to 200:1 data reduction across a set of
    snapshots taken every day over a period of time.
--  Ocarina NameSpace: This feature allows a set of file systems to appear
    as one large volume, giving users a nearly unlimited pool of storage, which
    will appear as a unified, self-optimizing repository.
--  Ocarina Metadata Accelerator: This feature accelerates metadata
    performance for listing files and directories in a large repository.

Ocarina's relationship with HP includes a porting effort by Ocarina, as well as mutual support and escalation to ensure customers of the combined solution receive the support they need. Ocarina Storage Optimization solutions will be sold by Ocarina to be installed on HP Scalable NAS products, including the HP ExDS9100, as a validated application.

About Ocarina

Ocarina is a leader in online storage optimization solutions. Organizations of all sizes use Ocarina's content-aware optimization technology to reduce their storage footprint and achieve a ten-fold capacity increase on their current storage systems. Based in San Jose, Calif., Ocarina is privately held and financed by leading investors Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Highland Capital Partners. For more information, visit www.ocarinanetworks.com.

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